Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hello Liz Lisa!

It's been over a year since I last went to Liz Lisa.
This time, I went and got a member's card :)
So even if I never go again, I'll always have the card~

Tennoji MIO store.
Lucky for me, LIZ LISA was having a special event that holiday weekend.
Buy 2 items or more, and get the items at 50% off!

As always, lovely lovely displays.
How can you resist taking a look?

Kyoto AVANTI store.

Osaka HEP 5 store.

Cosme de Liz Lisa Jenne makeup items, they're so pretty!

Ornate gold and roses adorning the packaging.

Close up of the eyeshadows.

Summer limited shopper bags.

Rings I bought! The top two are a set and the bottom two are another set.

The first time I went, I bought a dress, a denim top and a suspender skirt (the straps are detachable).

White crochet bolero, blue floral skirt and the cutest floral skorts!
I love the lace trims on the bottom of both!
They both have an additional lining inside, making it 3 layers!
(Outer design layer, lace trim layer, inner lining layer)

As always there are novelty items (items you get if you spend above a certain amount).
Last year it was the umbrella, and this year it's a mini tote.
I wasn't expecting much, but the tote is actually quite roomy and well made.

Pretty bow in the front, and there's also a front pocket.

The top has a magnetic closure, and the sides can be expanded/closed (with snap buttons on the side) depending on your preferences.

The inside it well-lined with Liz Lisa print, and also has 2 pockets.

The bottom even has metal studs on all 4 corners.


  1. Liz Lisa is a dreamy shop! I want to go there so badly!

  2. what a cute shop! We don't really have that style here in canada :/

    1. we don't have it here where i live either :( so i kinda went crazy ^^

  3. adorable cute shop ever! i love the packaging of their makeup collection! feels like a princess makeups!

  4. looks gorgeous!i can never take my eyes off..

  5. "Buy 2 items or more and get the items at 50% off!" Oh my what a deal! @__@ I like your coord outfits! ^^ The rings are beautiful!

  6. The whole store is so pretty!

  7. ohhhh! amazing clothes! I really love this things ! I envy :( in Poland it is difficult to buy such:(

    anyway, I love your blog:) FOLLOW!

    Greetings and Hugs:)

  8. Your post is awesome *-* I also have a member's card, so cool =D I could visit Liz Lisa shops again and again, I think all in there is so amazing you feel like you were in a dream ^^ I love your second set of rings :)

    In case you are interested, I'm running a Liz Lisa giveaway on my blog :