Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello Kitty x London 2012 Olympics

Even Hello Kitty wasn't spared the Olympic fever Passing by Osaka's Umeda Hankyu Station, I noticed a pop-up Hello Kitty store after the salesgirls were fervently yelling out "special limited edition items~!" Turns out they were selling Hello Kitty x London / Olympics related merchandise, in lieu of the upcoming Olympic Games.

The items are adorable! Now I'm not a *huge* fan of Hello Kitty; sometimes I do think it's cute, but I'm not super crazy over it. However I really liked the color scheme of this series! ♡But I didn't end up getting anything due to lack of time :( Wish I did, the hat is adorable! Anyway, you can view most of the items on the Sanrio website.

Other than Hello Kitty x London themed items, there were also "official" Hello Kitty x Olympics items to show support for the Japan national Olympic team. This is a card holder (? at least that's what I think it is, could have been an iPhone holder or something else similar) that says "Ganbare! Nippon!"

More card holders showing support for the Japanese Olympic team.
I liked the one on the left most! ♡ Simple but cute.

There were tons of other items like hand towels, mini post-its and keychains, though I wasn't able to take anymore pictures (too many people and salesgirls).

My favorite events to watch are men's artistic gymnastics and swimming :) I like watching athletics and synchronized swimming too. Sadly this year, due to the time difference most of the live broadcasts are in the wee hours of the morning here! But since it's still the summer holidays I can and will stay up till 4am to watch them, hurray!

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