Saturday, June 25, 2011

SBY love ♥

If you're a regular reader of gyaru magazines, especially Egg and Popteen, then you're probably not a stranger to SBY. SBY is a gyaru goods store, all the stuff they sell is made with gyarus in mind

A lot of gyaru/model-produced cosmetics are sold in SBY. Most of Diamond Beauty's new releases are usually exclusively sold at SBY first. They have 2 whole walls and a revolving stand just for Diamond Lash, so they're very well-stocked. Lots of gyaru models (especially Egg models) visit SBY, you'll often see pictures on the SBY 109 blog

And the main store in Shibuya 109 is awesome. (SBY is an acronym for ShiBuYa^^) Located on the 8th floor, there's a cafe corner where you can order parfaits/drinks and just chill, and the best is the makeup/mirror corner where there's a huge row of gorgeous vanity tables, large mirrors plastered on the walls, curling irons/hair straighteners and various cosmetics just lying there for you to use freely At no cost. You can just walk into the store and go to that corner to do your makeup or your hair! You can even charge your phone there! The staff are really friendly and well-dressed too!

They also sell cute accessories and small goods like bags, charms, hats, stockings, hair accessories, pouches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and wigs.

In Shibuya 109, SBY is right across WC, Wakatsuki Chinatsu's brand.

This is their uber cute shopping bag! Front side is blue with the words "Love me SBY", the other side is hot pink with white polka dots. Best of all, it's made from recycled material and can be used again~

There's also a bigger size that's pink on the front side (picture of Itabashi Rumi, EdgeStyle model, carrying it. From SBY 109 blog)

Inside the bag~ From the 109 store I got legwear, Melliesh blushes, Bibo eyebrow pencils, a mirror, hair accessories, cute rose-print ribbon earrings!

Pink leopard-print bow with golden star studs.
It has a clip at the back, as well as an elastic band so it can be clipped on or used to tie a pony tail.

Heart-shaped mirror with purple leopard print and golden bow designs on the cover.

Melliesh blushes in 01 上品ローズ (Elegant Rose), 05 小顔ブラウン Small-face Brown and 06 クリアーラベンダー (Clear Lavender).

There's also a branch in Harajuku's Takeshita Doori, named SBY Happy Room, which just sells goods. The selection is smaller, but they pretty much have the same basic things. I went to the Harajuku store before I went to the 109 store.

This was the shopping bag~ Hot pink

Love the hot pink heart-shaped SBY sticker! It's actually translucent, the color shows up well because the bag is white.

Stuff I got from SBY Happy Room, cute cuddly pink bunny, Diamond Blushes, Candy Doll Makeup Base, Decolog who's Sweet lashes, a pretty makeup pouch! The pouch has a layer of chiffon on the top (paisley print!), it's thin enough for you to make out the round gold things in the layer underneath, so it looks really pretty (: The inside is gold and there's one inner pocket.

Bunny! Extremely soft, has a cellphone strap and chain on the bunny's back so you can hang her on your phone or on your bag~

Got the Diamond Beauty blushes in Gold Jewelry and Apricot Pink. Forgot to get Honey Orange :/ But...anyway I just received my Diamond Beauty Cream Cheeks (got all 4!) and Cream Shadows (01 and 02). The Cream Cheeks are awesome so I won't be needing Honey Orange for a while! Swatches of the lovely cream goodies will come soon~

SBY Website:

SBY Shibuya 109
Shibuya 109 8F
Tel: 03-3477-5162
Opening hours: 10am~9pm

SBY Premium Shop Tenjin
Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, Chuo District, Tenjin 1-11-11
Tenjin Core 7F
Tel: 092-712-5557
Opening hours: 11am~10pm

SBY 109 Abeno
Osaka Prefecture, Abeno District, Abeno-suji 1-6-1
Q's Mall Shibuya 109 Abeno 2F
Opening hours: 10am~9pm
(Despite it's misleading name, Shibuya 109 Abeno is nowhere near Shibuya in Tokyo, rather, it's located in Abeno which is in OSAKA!)

SBY Happy Room Harajuku
Shibuya District, Jingumae 1-20-11
(off Harajuku Takeshita Doori)
Tel: 03-6259-2258
Opening hours: 10am~7pm

SBY Happy Room OPA
Shinsaibashi OPA 6F
Tel: 06-6282-8036
Opening hours: 11am~9pm
Closed? It's not listed on the SBY site anymore.


  1. Wow, i only just found your blog today but its great! I love everythinnu bought from there. Its all so cute, especially the pouch, lashes and bunny. I also enjoyed ur post about rakuten, very usefull

  2. @ Malice ♥

    Thanks! I really really love this store~! :D A pity they don't sell a lot of their prettier in-store items on their Rakuten store, but not that they ships overseas anyway :(

    ♥ Karisa