Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Dolly Wink Eye Shadows + Pencil Eyecolor ♡

お久しぶり! It's been a while, but here are the new Dolly Wink Eye Shadows! After the renewal/revamp last year, the old 01 Brown remained, but the old 02 Gray Pink, 03 Blue Orange and 04 Green Pink have been discontinued. However, two new palettes were added the lineup, 02 Pink Brown and 03 Smoky Brown...and I have all three~! (♥´౪`♥) 

I think that the new image/direction that Dolly Wink is gearing towards is the natural look, hence all the palettes are browns. But brown doesn't mean boring! Love the packaging, the palette case is so cute, and the heart-shaped window is adorable! I feel happy when I take it out and use it (´・ω・` )★

The three palettes: 01 Brown, 02 Pink Brown and 03 Smoky Brown.
My absolute favorite is 03 Smoky Brown, it's perfect! Instead of eyeliner, I like to use the darkest brown in the palette to line my lower lash line. The result is larger, more defined eyes, but with a soft look. Black is often harsh, so brown is a great alternative. 

Close-ups of the palettes. All the colors are shimmery/pearly, none are matte.

And a new item which I absolutely love, the new Pencil Eyecolor ♥ 
It's a gold-ish pencil liner, which you're meant to use on the inner corners of your eyes and under the lower lashline, and just blend. It will brighten the area and make your eyes look bigger and brighter. This really works! I've been using it so much that I'm half-way through my pencil ^^ In the past, people used white shimmer pencils, but white is too stark a color and doesn't really blend well with the skin, so it doesn't look like a natural highlight. But since this pencil is golden, it looks better and has a nicer effect ♥ Apparently, the pencil was selling so well that it was sold out in quite a few places in Japan last month!


  1. I got the pink brown and I love it <3 It's so pretty ^^ Thank you for the nice review! (^-^)

  2. Love it, The palettes are so cute! I really like natural colours, so this is perfect for me. I also like the pencil, must be very good if it's sold out almost everywhere!



  3. That gold liner looks so cute.. I want it! I also really like the smokey brown palette


  4. I love the packaging on the Dolly Wink eyeshadows. I would also feel really happy when I use them.
    Also the color of the pencil is so beautiful! I can't believe you've already used half of it already. It must be really awesome

  5. The packaging is adorable! <3 I have Dollywink Lashes but I've never tried their makeup, looks like I need it :P

  6. Those eyeshadows look adorable! I love the packaging!

    I absolutely love your blog! Specially the photos because they are so artistic and creative. So detailed that I really enjoyed browsing your blog. I followed you on GFC! Hoping you can come by mine too :) Thank you for this post! I can't wait to read more of your posts. More power to you!

    Your new follower,

  7. cutest makeup by dollywink! ^_^ I just bought a few products from japan, the packaging itself allured me to it!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food