Thursday, June 27, 2013

Diamond Lash to be launched in Singapore ★

Good news for fellow Diamond Lash lovers in Singapore, Diamond Lash is finally going to be available here,  launching at selected JCosmeland corners in Watsons next week~♪  ♫ ♬ One of the best news I've heard all year, now I can chuck my pathetic last pair of Celeb Eye and stock up! I've been trying to "save" and "reuse" this pair very sparingly for the past 3 months! For the initial launch, only the dark pinklight pink (Pure series), light blue (Volume series) and light green (Little Wink series) will be available. Each box of 5 pairs will retail at S$23.90.

Can't remember how many times I've raved about how awesome these lashes are, but they really are! A favorite of gyarus and eyelash users all over Japan and the world, Diamond Lash offers a large variety of styles (30 types/5 series) at an affordable price. Plus the quality is great, they last really long (personally, I can go 2-3weeks per pair with daily use) and the lashes themselves look great.

Top: There was a time when Beauty Eye was my favorite...
Bottom: But then Celeb Eye took over^^

Looking forward to seeing Diamond Lash in stores, it's great that I can now get my favorite lashes locally instead of hoping to go to Japan and hoarding^^ Because I ran out of Celeb Eye, I bought 811 Strawberry Tea from the Eyemazing x AMOYAMO Collection a few weeks ago, intending to switch to 811 Strawberry Tea as my daily lashes...

Compared it with 801 from the Eyemazing x Zipper Collection and don't they look similar? 811 is just slightly longer. I bought these before finding out that Diamond Lash was coming to Singapore, but now that Diamond Lash is coming, I can go back to using my beloved Celeb Eye! ♥ 

My boxes of Diamond Lash, half of them are empty...
(I've used up 4 boxes of Celeb Eye since 2011

But I can't bear to throw away the boxes because I love this brand, and it's not often I get to restock. I even keep boxes of my old YSL, Jill Stuart and Paul & Joe items from over 5 years ago^^ In my defence the boxes are pretty!

Diamond Beauty/ Diamond Lash has a Facebook Page here. (In Japanese)
And there's also a Page for Diamond Lash Singapore here. (In English)


  1. so many beautiful lashes! Need some new

  2. Amazing news...can't wait! =]
    I can't really tell the diff between the two Eyemazing ones, they're both nice!

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