Sunday, July 7, 2013

Diamond Lash Rich Brown Series ♡

After over a year, Diamond Lash is finally releasing a new series of lashes, the Rich Brown Series~ (リッチブラウンシリーズ) The name is because all the lashes in the series are all brown♥ I love brown lashes, but so far the only ones i use are from the Zipper x Eyemazing collection, so it's great that the selection is expanding. D.U.P. has some brown lashes too, but they're quite on the "safe" OL side and aren't very long or voluminous...

As with all previous Diamond Lash series, the Rich Brown series has 6 types of lashes, and the trays look to be a light light pink, lighter than the Pure series. Each pack comes with 5 pairs, however unlike all other Diamond Lash lashes, these retail at a slightly higher price of 1260yen with tax. Though previous series have all had both upper and lower lashes, this series only has upper lashes. 

レディ Eye / Lady Eye
Diamond Beauty's description: 
The natural bunches from the inner corners to the center and the volume at the outer corners give gorgeous eyes. The brown lashes give a feminine finish that is not too flashy.

This is one of the lashes I'm looking forward to, I like gradating lengths longer at the end, and the spreading out of the lashes at the end look more natural compared to fixed interval/shapes like Beauty Eye in the Pure Series. And of course the brown color is gorgeous~ 

 アーモンド Eye / Almond Eye
Diamond Beauty's description:  
A natural thick design with extra fine brown bundles in the center, for dramatic cute round eyes. Natural bundles for prettier eyes.

This is the other one I'm looking forward to, I like the density in the middle! My all-time favorite Diamond Lash, Celeb Eye, also has emphasis in the middle, to bring out the pupils. However these look kinda short...

バンビ Eye / Bambi Eye
Diamond Beauty's description: 
Closely-spaced fine brown bundles in the center, to give the illusion of wider eyes. For naturally impressionable cute eyes.

シフォン Eye / Chiffon Eye
Diamond Beauty's description:  
The extra fine brown lashes give naturally gentle eyes, as if naturally increasing your own lashes. They casually blend in with your own lashes, for a soft, gentle look.

These are seriously some of the thinnest/un-voluminous/un-dense lashes I've ever seen, though I guess they'll look quite natural on!

ロイヤルEye / Royal Eye
Diamond Beauty's description: 
Brown lash bundles that naturally adjust the length of your own lashes, casually making your eyes stand out. A design that blends into your eyes, for an elegant finish.

These are partial lashes that you use on the outer corners to emphasize your natural lashes to make them look longer.

クラシック Eye / Classic Eye
Diamond Beauty's description: 
The slightly stiff brown bunches at the outer corner naturally widen the eyes. Because of the moderate length, they adjust your own lashes without being too long, and give an elegant finish.

The 6 styles are: Almond Eye, Lady EyeBambi EyeRoyal Eye, Classic Eye and Chiffon Eye. They go on sale exclusively at SBY and the Diamond Lash online store from 12th July 2013. It will hit all other sales channels in August 2013.

The photoshoot was only done recently, so even the website hasn't been updated with promotional images yet, so there are no reference pics to see how these lashes look like on the models/when worn. But nevertheless, this is a series I look forward too! 

And if you wanna read the image models' entries on the photoshoot:
中北成美 (Nakakita Narumi/ BLENDA model) 

東野佑美 (Higashino Yumi/ CanCam model) 

宮城 舞 (Miyagi Mai/ ViVi model) 

Jun Jun (Hair & Makeup artist) 


  1. i am so going to get these. too pretty~!

  2. OOOH!!! Lady's is soooo in my to-buy list !! <3

  3. OMG! I haven't actually seen any brown lashes but thanks for the lovely post! ^__^

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