Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Diamond Beauty Diamond Eyelash Fixers

As makers of the ever-popular Diamond Lash lashes, and with so many brands coming up with their own versions of lash glues, it was only a matter of before Diamond Beauty added on to its current version. This summer, they've come up with two new items to add to their lash glue line up, bringing the total to 3 types of lash glues. Each retails for 840yen with tax. Most other lash glues (Dolly Wink, D.U.P., Eyemazing) retail at 945yen with tax. The glues are made in Korea.

★ Resistant to water, sweat and sebum
★ Dries clear and unnoticeable
★ Contains hyaluronic acid and collagen
Diamond Beauty's original Eyelash Fixer. It's quite similar to D.U.P.'s Eyelash Fix EX 552 Clear. I've used both, and find that the product itself is pretty much the same, but I prefer Diamond Beauty's version because of the packaging (hehe) and because D.U.P.'s dries up on the tube (glue accumulates and dries at the screw portion) too quickly.

★ Latex-type glue gentle to the skin
★ After removing, glue is non-messy
★ Little burden to false lashes and own lashes, so lashes can be reused more times
★ Dries clear and unnoticeable 
The first of the two new eyelash fixers is a latex type one. My favorite lash glue, Dolly Wink's Eyelash Fix, is a latex type glue, and I absolutely love it except for its not being waterproof...But the reusability part is true, I find after removing lash glues like D.U.P. and the original Diamond Eyelash Fixer, it's still sticky on the lash part, which greatly misshapes them... 

★ Resistant to water, sweat and sebum
★ Black-type glue to fill in gaps between lashes, giving the effect of eyeliner
★ Tube has stainless steel balls to prevent uneven color distribution
★ Contains hyaluronic acid and collagen
The second of the new lash glues is a black type glue. So far the only black glue I've tried is Dolly Wink's version, but I did not really like it as it was hard to remove from the lash...making it not so reusable. Also, this wouldn't work if you don't use black eyeliner, or if you're like me and like to slosh on a lot of glue^^ With latex/clear glues, they dry clear so it doesn't matter how much glue you use, but for black glue it becomes very visible because they dry black... 

What's your favorite type of glue? 
While I did  love the original Diamond Eyelash Fixer (used up 2 tubes) I went back to Dolly Wink's Eyelash Fixer because of the trouble the former posed while removing glue from lashes. If you've read my past post on Caring for Lashes, you'd know that I don't wash my lashes with water/soap/makeup remover, I just pluck of the dried glue from my lashes before reusing. Latex glues are easy to pluck off, whilst the clear non-latex types and black types are not so easy because they are still kind of sticky. I'd love to try Diamond Beauty's latex type glue and see how it compares with my all-time favorite Dolly Wink one! Which would you like to try?

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