Friday, April 22, 2011

Make Up For Ever Très Vichy Lashes ♥

When I saw these at Sephora in Ngee Ann City, I just had to get them, the pink&white checkered ribbons were way too cute to resist! It's by Make Up For Ever, from their spring 2011 collection, Très Vichy (which literally means "very gingham" in French haha)

On hindsight, at S$32 it's rather exhorbitant, I probably could have made a pair myself, just make a bow and stick it onto one of the many pairs of lashes I have! But I'm just gonna keep telling myself this won't be flimsy since it's made by MUFE. Let's hope it does!

Side top view. The lash base is not outstanding, the design it simple and natural-looking, (ie doesn't have as much volume as I'd like) but the ribbons are the main point of this pair!

Front top view. Okay, so the lashes are actually the thicker plasticky strips kind, unlike Dolly Wink or Diamond Lash which have finer individual strands woven together. But I think that's precisely why they used it, so that the lashes can support the weight of the ribbons. If they were Dolly Wink, the ribbons would weigh down the edges and instead of staying up you'd have droopy, sagging lashes ^^

When worn, the ribbons are really really sweeeet

Ribbons ribbons, I love ribbons! However from far it just looks like you have pink things at the corner of your eyes, (that move whenever you blink) but they're sooo cute! I'd wear them! Just not to uni it is, wearing false lashes everyday seems weird to most of the rest of the student population who enjoy wearing T-shirts and flip-flops everyday. What more falsies with cute pink bows? :D

Ribbon stays up!

Saw on Voce's beauty calendar that Shu Uemura's releasing a bunch of new lashes on June 1st. I have no idea when these will reach Singapore but I really want 2 of the partial lash designs, Mini Violet and Mini Fancy Pompom, they're extremely cuuute! Here they are, translation by me:

Good news is that these pairs aren't limited edition so no rush to get them :D Ahhh, these are so cute, they'll add a little extra sweetness and character to whatever you're wearing Can't wait for them to be out!

There'll also be 5 other pairs coming out on June 1st:
Ethnic Charm ¥7350 (Limited Ed.)
Green Folklore ¥7350 (Limited Ed.)
Oriental Arch ¥3150 (Limited Ed.)
Tribal Patch ¥2310 (Limited Ed.)
Vibrant Partial Eyelash ¥1575

Not really interested in these so didn't make translations of their descriptions. Oriental Arch looks pretty though, but I don't think I'd have occasions to wear them to!

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