Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Antoinette ♥ at Penhas Road

Discovered a new place for tea and pâtisseries! Antionette at Penhas Road. It's at Lavender (farrrr) so I'm looking forward to the opening of the more central outlets!

Interior, spacious and pretty!
I love the purple seats and the huge pot of flowers


Didn't try them, but they look tasty - big and generous with the filling~


If the color was green instead of blue I might've mistaken it for Ladurée.
(I LOOOVE Ladurée's macarons! They're like a piece of heaven )
The design (motifs and borders in gold) is similar^^

Left to right: Le Royale, Saint Honore L'amour, Antoinette, Strawberry Shortcake, Religeuse Caramel Fleur de Sel, Montblanc

Left to right: Strawberry Shortcake, Religeuse Caramel Fleur de Sel, Montblanc, /forgot/, Baba aux Fraise, Brittany

Left to right: Antoinette, Strawberry Shortcake, Religeuse Caramel Fleur de Sel, Montblanc.


Boulangerie corner

Chocolates corner

After a long time deciding, I got the Saint Honore L'amour!
(They don't have tiramisu or fraisier, my 2 favorite pâtisseries)

I didn't really like the cream outside,
but I loooved the cream inside the mini choux puffs, it was good!

Happily holding my lovely dessert~

It's pink! And has a petal!
Which I ate...and it tasted like salad.
The drops of "dew" are actually jelly.
The jelly was sweet~

Baguette with hammm, cheese and salad.

The hammm looks good!

My friend got strawberry shortcake.

I think Antoinette's way of slicing cake is amaaaazing, the slices are so sharp, straight and neat! This slice is really a cube, even the cream didn't sag/droop after being cut, looking from the top the cake is straight, not lopsided and no need for the plastic sheets some cakes places like to wrap their shortcakes with. 11/10 for presentation!

And of course I got tea too!

It was called Petit Rose.
Of course it was rose-flavored!

The pâtisseries are great~ They have lots of food on their menu too (crêpes, baguettes, meat, soupe, etc). This was just the kind of place I've been waiting for (for eons!) to appear! Singapore really should have more places like this!

But haha I can't help thinking that the person who wrote the menu probably doesn't speak French, lots of the agreements (singular vs plural, feminine vs masculine) in the names of their dishes are off. (I'm just odd and notice these things, okay!^^) Though I guess most people won't be able to tell or even care since majority of the Singapore public doesn't know French, and neither did the waiters!

But overall this place is great! If it were in my neighborhood I'd go there everyday for pâtisseries. Everything not only looks good, but tastes great as well~ My only gripe is that it's in some weird location not remotely near anywhere I'd go (other than to renew my passport) So...I can't wait for the more central branches to appear! :D


  1. This post looks absolutely divine, I enjoy staring at pictures of cakes! =D LOL your comment on the French makes me think of the Engrish on Chinese menus, which is a millions times worse! At least these seem just grammatical. The Engrish on Chinese menus can be quite nonsensical at times!

  2. Hello~

    I love your blog; it's very cute~!! ^-^;;

    Could you perhaps follow mine? I think you will like it. (:

    Thanksyouu~~ ^w^;;

    ~~Rosie ♥

  3. @ Lorraine ♥
    Oooh I really love their cakes! (: Haha but for those Chinese menus they actually are Chinese restaurants, and their names in Chinese make perfect sense, but this one's supposed to be a French tea salon, but the French names are a tad off^^

    @ Rosie ♥
    Thanks (:

    ♥ Karisa