Saturday, July 2, 2011

Liz Lisa Romantic Carnival Sale ♥

Liz Lisa sales are amazing~ Seriously. Knowing this, it's really not worth it getting their items at regular prices, they're really pricey! (Though extremely gorgeous!) But when they have promotions and offers, it's really an awesome deal.

Got a mailer the other day mentioning some of their offers, sadly I can't get anything :( But if anyone really badly wants it, you can order Liz Lisa items from their Rakuten store (Eng || Jap), the offers are extended to the online stores as well. You can use a forwarding service to ship to your country since Liz Lisa doesn't ship overseas (:

Dress x Bolero set - 9,975 yen
You can choose any dress and any cardigan
Together they'll be 9,975yen with tax.
Usually a dress alone is around that price!

Top x bottom set - 7,900yen
You can choose any top and any bottom
Together they'll only be 7,900yen.
Usually one item is almost that price!

1 shirt - 3,045yen each
2 shirts - 1,995yen each
3 or more - 1,050yen each

So why get just 1 when you can get 3 for the same price!
Original price is 4,095yen each.

Chambre à coucher - Bonheur Fair
Aroma candle: 4,095yen ⇒ 1,995yen
Linen water: 3,045yen ⇒ 2,415yen
Aroma stone: 945yen ⇒ 840yen
Eyelashes: 1,260yen ⇒ 945yen

New Liz Lisa Kids Line
Bibs - 2,625yen
Cute, and lovely print, but if I were a mama I would never let my baby use pretty bibs like these! Little baby would drool, drip and spit food and ruin them!

Spotted on Rakuten, not sure if they're available in physical stores:
Summer Time Bag - 5,000yen
For 5,000yen, you get:
1 dress
1 top
1 bottom
1 notebook
1 small goods
That's mad amazing!
But of course you can't pick, it's a lucky bag~

Online special: any 2 dresses - 10,500yen
Another madly awesome deal
Usually a single dress costs this much!

Special Rose BAG - 9,450yen
You get 5 rose-themed items for 9,450yen
1 - a top
2 - a pouch
3 - a dress
4 - a front-tie bolero
5 -a tote bag

Finally, if you purchase from the physical stores, you can get a Liz Lisa uchiwa (fan) Useful for beating the summer heat!

I wish I went to Japan in July instead~
Summer sales are the best!
Winter sales are kind of useless to me,
I stay in a country where it's perpetually a hot, humid summer,
~30C everyday, with humidity averaging 85% :(


  1. I love sales. I want to visit Japan during summer too!

  2. @ PopBlush ♥

    Heehee summer is best for sales! New Year sales are great too, mainly cos of the oh-so-wonderful fukubukuro where you get a whopping amount of goods for the fraction of the price!

    Autumn's best for scenery, all the pretty leaves change color (: or late spring if you wanna see sakura in full bloom (:

    ♥ Karisa

  3. Indeed their sales are just amazing !!! :-O