Friday, July 8, 2011

Hadalabo Skincare Set and Travel-sized Goodies

Did you know that Hadalabo has a special bunch of products just for conbinis? (conbini = convenience store) You can find the full selection on their website. (They're under "e.t.c.") Selection at a random Family Mart I saw!

For example you're gonna stay overnight at a friend's place and you forgot your dearly beloved Hadalabo toiletries. Fret not, the Hadalabo Overnight Set comes to the rescue!

Hadalabo Overnight Set
The set, for 1-night's use, comes with 7 sachets - 1 of makeup remover, 2 each of facial foam, lotion and milk (1 before sleeping, 1 after waking up) Isn't that handy? I guess a lot of people love it, it was sold out at this conbini! See the empty rack in the first pic, beside the pink packets?

Hadalabo Hydrating Set
This is the hydrating set (right-most one in the 1st picture). It has 3 sachets each of the lotion and milk.

Hadalabo Hyaluronic Acid Cotton Sheets
Cotton sheets soaked in the lotion!
Lots of packets of this in the first picture.

Hadalabo Cleansing Sheets, 1osheets
Cleansing sheets for removing makeup!

Anyway, in the 1st picture, see the item in the bottom right corner? It's the Hadalabo Skincare Set! A travel-sized kit with 4 essential items. I didn't get it when I went to Tokyo, but when I saw it out at Watson's here, I figured I might as well get it...and because it's one of the more reasonably-priced Hadalabo items locally^^ (I hate paying for marked up items, especially when I know the original prices. And Hadalabo stuff are usually discounted at major drugstores in Japan!)

Anyway, onto the lovelies! Tada~
4 travel-sized items in a cute little ziplock with a PINK zip!

The travel kit retails for 1,050yen, and it was S$15.90 at Watson's. 100yen=S$1.55. Great price! Because things like the Hydrating Lotion Refill, which I got for 598yen in Tokyo, is selling for S$18.90 at Watson's. Do the math and figure the difference!

Because it's being sold in Singapore, they like to paste large "translated" stickers on lots of the products. Which I really dislike cos I have no need for them and they make the packaging ugly, even after you remove them!

Usually these stickers are made of horrible material that you can't fully peel off without leaving sticky residue or white remnants :( (Sorry, this is a real pet peeve of mine!) But thankfully, this sticker came off cleanly, mostly because of the material of the ziplock bag!

And this is the original Japanese version of the what the sticker says. Except that being considerate, the Japanese version is on a card inside the ziplock case. I think they know that people would want to use the clean ziplock bag with no weird stickers on it! Imagine if the sticker left a residue on the ziplock case. I totally wouldn't bring it out to use!

The 4 travel-sized items in the set!

Hadalabo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid
Liquid Makeup Remover, 30mL

Hadalabo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid
Facial Foam, 20g

Hadalabo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid
Hydrating Lotion, 20mL

Hadalabo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid
Hydrating Milk, 20mL

Not part of the kit, but I got this a while ago, it's the Hadalabo Lip Treatment/Lip Gel. The ziplock is kinda spacious, so I put this in it as well, it's extremely useful when travelling!

I reaalllllly love this! Totally moisturizes my horribly dry lips. The texture is a tad thick, but it's not sticky at all. I usually squeeze some onto my finger then spread it onto my lips with my finger.

Anyway, conbinis also sell mini-sized versions of Hadalabo's Gokujyun and Shirojyun ranges (:
The mini-sized lotion is 100mL, regular is 170mL.
The mini-sized milk is 90mL, regular is 140mL.
The mini-sized facial foam is 80g, regular is 100g.
The mini-sized makeup remover is 70mL, regular is 200mL.
Single sheets of masks are also sold.
Usually the masks come in packs of 5.

And another travel-sized item, not related to the kit nor sold in conbinis. The Hadalabo Skin Conditioner. I got this from Donki in Shibuya. Anyway, this is a medicated toner, and it's AWESOME Ever since I started using it, my skin just started becoming better. Clearer, brighter, more hydrated, smaller pores. I use it together with the Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist, I think both work well together!

I really adore Hadalabo's products. Sure, they may not look the best or cutest, but they do do wonders for my skin :D Anyway, their motto is Perfect x Simple, which they really are!


  1. I want to try Hada Labo but I can't find them here :(

  2. @ Marion ♥
    Hate that feeling! :( When stuff I really want to try aren't sold here I either "grow out of it", wait, try searching online or ask(beg) friends who travel to relevant countries^^

    Hopefully Hadalabo will be sold in your country soon! Or if you're able to purchase online, lots of Hongkong-based stores like adambeauty ship worldwide (:

    ♥ Karisa

  3. I've been wanting to get that skin conditioner from Adambeauty but it's always sold out and near impossible to find a review of it online! Thanks for sharing :) i love hada labo tamagohada face wash :)

  4. @Adeline ♥
    I've been wanting to get the full-sized skin conditioner after trying the mini one, but it's sold out in all other places I checked too :(

    I looove the tamagohada face wash~! Been using it since last year (: Before that I was using the regular Hadalabo Gokujyun foam, but I tried the tamagohada one and loved it more! (:

    ♥ Karisa