Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nail goods - buys and sightings ♥

Was surprised to see Luminous Change nail goods! Produced by Itabashi Rumi, an Edge Style model, I had thought that the Luminous Change line only had lashes, but turns out there are nail goods as well (:

These are crystal gel seals. Never seen this type of product before, I believe you paste the "crystal" nail onto your own nail, then use the remaining flowers/stones to decorate? ...Or something along those lines^^

Crystal gel stickers by another brand.

Lots of nail glitter, ornaments, jewels etc in Donki. Really, Donki is a paradise for people like me (semi-hoarders) who love seeing mountains of items

Tons of pre-made fake nails in Donki. There were even special sets produced by 109 brand Love Boat, though I didn't take pictures of those.

Beauty World (BW) Blossom Nail Cocktail trios in 584 Pink Berry and 586 Blue Drop, and Champagne Nail Cocktail trio in 586 Candy Pink. When applied in a certain order they're supposed to give a gradient with a gel-like glossy finish. Each bottle is 4ml. These were 548yen per set. Should I have gotten more?

Beauty World (BW) Dot Artist Set in purple (714yen) and Glossy Top Coat (458yen). I love this top coat! Like its name implies, it's really glossy! The finish is really smooth and shiny~ It claims to give the appearance of gel nails, according to the package.

pa nail polishes, the polish plus the scaly flakes floating inside give a pretty mermaid-tail-like nails (: Or so the effect on the sample fake nails seemed ^^ 360yen each.

Spotted these at the Daiso in Asakusa, a steal at only 105yen each!


  1. Aiiiiiiiiiisssssssshhhh I wish we had shops like these in HK :( Not that I would have the guts to wear such dramatic nails... they're so pretty though :3 lucky giiiirrrllll.

  2. Omg theyre all super good bargains, so wanna try the trio with gradient effect. Wonder how first set of gel nails is different to normal pre made nails

  3. @ Ellie ♥
    I wish they had shops like these where I live too! T_T

    @ Malice ♥
    The first set isn't gel nails, they're seals/stickers^^ They're flat vs pre-made nails which are curved^^

    ♥ Karisa

  4. the paradise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Very very very impressive. I love this nail glitter. Is there any address that you know in Arizona.


  6. @ Elizabeth Sanchez ♥

    Try a nail salon/nail art store? Anyway, don't they ship to Arizona? I'm nowhere near Arizona so I don't know much about stores there!

    ♥ Karisa

  7. BW trios are $6.90 at watsons!:)

  8. @Adeline ♥
    T___T I saw them when I came back, and they're actually cheaper here than in Japan! :D But so far the ones I've seen are mostly the Champagne trios, and only a few or none of the more colorful Blossom trios?

    ♥ Karisa