Monday, July 4, 2011

Cute containers! ♥

Haul of containers, mostly lash cases~
I really need to grow more eyes or something! q( ՞ਊ ՞)p

Adorable animal head containers~!
A pig, a frog and a bear. 3 for 100yen.
There were also strawberry and heart-shaped sets!

It's a multi-purpose container.
The inside has no sectioning.

Winnie the Pooh mini ziplocks! (´౪`)

25pcs in a packet. Spotted this at the Daiso in Asakusa. Sadly, I think it was the last packet, I couldn't find anymore or any other designs other than regular plain clear ones T_T I did search really hard.

Smaller containers (meant to be eyelash cases), the sectioning is actually a plastic tray. You can remove it if you want to place larger objects in the case~ There were lots of different designs, I just got two!

Leopard print with a bow It's a lash case hehe.
I'm actually liking this a lot right now, it's very convenient!

The inside come with plastic trays, there are 2 layers of trays, so 4 trays altogether. Each tray has a space for left and right.

Close-ups and the inside in a previous post.

This is the largest case of all, but I haven't actually opened it or started using it yet. The design on the cover is cuuute~ Even the Engrrrish hahaha!

Hello Kitty Eyelash Case!
It's heart-shaped too, how cute is that~ :D

Pink with black lace designs.
Got it from Donki.

Inside, there's a mirror! Since it's meant to be a lash case, it's sectioned for upper lashes and lower lashes.

Bunch of containers from can*do.
I really like the little jars (all the way at the top). They're actually for re-potting lipsticks and lipglosses, but they're basically just screw jars so you can use them for anything. I wish I had gotten more! They come in different sizes/diameters/depths.

Sadly the cute white deco is just a sheet of plastic (´Д` ) The case itself is plain light pink. Instead of crafting goods, I use it to store small moco-moco (pompom) hair accessories and bows.


  1. So cute!!! >.< I love mr. Froggy :D

    Oh the himeko himitsu that you spree-ed the lashes from is having another spree and WIG spree! I'm lemming so hard for the wigs but I'm scared that it's gonna be too fake looking :( Urgh it's so hard to grow nice healthy long hair that is not frizzy, dried, or damaged in this weather. Anytime my hair gets to shoulder length, it just looks like there is a dead rat on my head :(

  2. Such cute cases, especially hello kitty and leopard

  3. @ nellislica ♥
    Haha I've gotten the wigs before, they're not bad! :D Yeah I got them cos my hair is dying, but for me it's a bit hot to wear in Singapore cos the weather's sooo humid and at the end of the day my head feels like it's in a sauna^^ A tad troublesome too cos the ones I got were reaaallly long, strands getting caught was a problem. But they don't look very fake (:

    @ Malice ♥
    When I first bought it I didn't think I'd like the leopard print one much, but now it's one of my faves :D

    ♥ Karisa