Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kantou Chopper Keychains! ♥ ご当地チョッパーマン: 関東

Second part of my Chopper ご当地(gotouchi) keychain collection~! The special thing about these is that you can only get them at the specified places they're limited in, so it's like an adventure of sorts collecting them! Sadly I did not realize this early on in my Chubu trip, so I did not manage to get Kanazawa or Toyama ones :(

This part will be the Kantou ones I collected. Kantou is the region in Japan where Tokyo is located. It's between the two regions of Chubu (to the west) and Tohoku (to the east). The Chubu keychains I collected can be found here~ The Tohoku keychains here.

Harajuku limited, crepe version
原宿限定: クレープ

Harajuku is filled with many crepe stores where youngsters like to hang out.

Narita limited, daruma version
成田限定: だるま

Yokohama limited, sailor man version
横浜限定: セーラーマン

Yokohama is famous as a port city located by the bay, where lots of ships come in and out daily.

Kamakura limited, golden Buddha version
鎌倉限定: 鎌倉大仏

Kamakura is famous for the giant Buddha statue at Kotokuin Temple.

Odaiba limited, pirate ship version
お台場限定: 海賊船

Odaiba is a huge man-made island filled with malls and entertainment complexes, located by Tokyo Bay.

Shibuya limited, Hachiko version
渋谷限定: ハチ公

Hachiko is a famous statue of a dog erected at Shibuya station, based on a true story of a dog who used to wait at the station everyday for its owner to come back, even many years after the owner's death.

Airport limited, Haneda version
空港限定: 羽田空港

Haneda is the other airport in Tokyo apart from Narita.

Edo limited, Katsu Kaishuu version
江戸限定: 勝海舟

Katsu Kaishuu was a naval engineer known for his role in the surrender of Edo.

Asakusa limited, Fuujin (wind god) version
浅草限定: 風神

At the entrance of Asakusa, you'll see statues of Fuujin (wind god) and Raijin (thunder god).

Ibaraki limited, Mito Koumon version
茨城限定: 水戸黄門

Mito Koumon is a Japanese period drama that has been airing since 1969. Mito is a province now located in the modern-day Ibaraki prefecture.

Yokosuka limited, Marine version
横須賀限定: 海軍

Located in the Kanagawa prefecture. Flanked by Tokyo Bay and Sugami Bay, during the Edo period a lot of marine and naval fleets were stationed at Yokosuka.

I'm not obsessed! I just think it's really cute, and it kind of makes going to new places exciting (: You also get to find out a bit about each place and their specialties~ I still think the Kanazawa and Toyama ones I missed out on were a pity! T_T


  1. oooooh, I just love chopper! **

  2. @Momickey ♥
    *high-five!* I find it really sad that Chopper and One Piece isn't as well-known as it should be outside of Japan! T_T

    ♥ Karisa

  3. Wow, cute collection! Seems like a fun thing to do =]

  4. @Julie ♥
    It was fun~! You could try it using random things too, like collecting mugs/notebooks/postcards from different places/countries you go to (:

    ♥ Karisa