Sunday, August 21, 2011

Random and cute snacks sightings ♥

I love looking at food. And all the interesting snacks and random things in conbinis, you never know what you can find!

Tsubasa advertising for Stride Stripe gum.

This is the 15-second commercial. There's also a 30-second one.

Changmin and Yunho (I refuse to refer to the two of them as DBSK) and the sold out rack of ParaDo mascara and pouches they produced.

(...I know mascara's not a snack but...this was in a conbini and conbinis sell tons of snacks!^^)

Strawberry-flavored snacks section at a Circle K store in Kanayama station.

Winnie the Pooh Honey Latte!

Different flavored caramel at Narita Airport:
Hokkaido melon, Hokkaido corn, wine, Niigata yogurt, Hokkaido sweet potato, pear

More assorted caramel flavors:
Milk, strawberry milk, chocolate, salt, maccha, Hokkaido condensed milk

Even more caramel flavors:
Hokkaido red bean, Hokkaido soybean, coffee, cocoa, Osaka takoyaki, shio ramen

Cute cookies at Its' Demo~
Love the panda cookie!

Pig and smiley faces :)

Thank you cookies, some in the shape of hearts~

Cookies and treats that come in clear plastic balls...

Confectionery in the shaped of the heads of One Piece characters^^

Custard thing in the shaped of Doraemon^^


  1. I want to try the winnie the pooh honey latte!! :D Wonder if it tastes good? :o
    Awh what a cute panda cookie! And that one with a pig on too! :]

  2. Ah~~ Drooling at the endless rows of yummy snacks ;_;

    Doraemon shaped custard snack... ah~~~ <3

    New reader here~ feel free to drop by sometime ^^

  3. @Moa ♥
    Too bad I couldn't try all of them...T_T But most of the unique drinks I tried were really tasty!

    @Monstewr ♥
    Don't know why it was that everywhere I looked, food and snacks looked so good!

    @Ai ♥
    I'm a sucker for character-themed foods, but I didn't actually try any of them T_T Custard and strawberry are my favorite flavors~

    ♥ Karisa