Friday, August 19, 2011

萩の月 ♥ Hagi no Tsuki

From the title, you can probably already tell that this will be about the lovely Hagi no Tsuki~ It literally translates into "Bush Clover Moon". Hagi, or bush clovers, are shrubby flowering plants grown usually for decorative purposes, a symbol of autumn. It is the official flower of the Miyagi prefecture, in which Sendai is located in.

Meant to resemble a harvest moon, Hagi no Tsuki is actually custard cream encased in a soft, fluffy sponge cake~ Despite the cream, it's very light and very delicious! It's a famous confectionery of Sendai, and is usually available only in Sendai. I kept seeing signboards of it while in Sendai, and wanted to try it, however I never got a chance to buy it :( However it is sold in Narita Airport, thankfully!

Hagi no Tsuki is produced by Sanzen.

The shelf life of each box is only 2 weeks, so consume them quickly! Keeping this in mind, you'd probably want to get these right before you leave Japan, not right after you arrive^^

Unwrapping the paper reveals a beautiful yellow box with blue and white hagi prints.

Inside the box, you'll see that each and every piece comes in an individual box, making this good for souvenirs if you want to give many people. All the wrapping is however a tad wasteful!

Beautiful box

Inside the box, the Hagi no Tsuki finally makes an appearance.
Inside this plastic is a packet of silica gel and another plastic wrapping the Hagi no Tsuki.

Extremely soft, fluffy sponge cake on the outside!

Yummy custard on the inside.

More information on Hagi no Tsuki in the enclosed brochures, which also feature the other products of the Sanzen. FYI there's a version with chocolate cream called Hagi no Shirabe (萩の調)

When I bought my box (from Narita Airport), I got a pretty Hagi no Tsuki shopping bag (:

So if you're ever in Sendai (they're available in most departments stores there) or pass through any airports in Japan, be sure to try this, it's really delicious! ☆


  1. Mmmm yum yum cake!.<3 :D

  2. Yum.. an interesting post, I'm not a person who likes to randomly post but I was reading a site about regional foods and "Hagi-no-Tsuki" was so interesting I googled and found your blog, thinking "how can i try this?" and lo-and-behold you even provided instructions on where to get it; Narita! I'm going there on layover and will, time-permitting, buy this and savor it. Arigatou. :)

  3. @Czarina ♥
    Yupp, it's really yummy (:

    @Anonymous ♥
    Hope you do have enough time to get this, it's great! (:

    ♥ Karisa