Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hadalabo Skin Conditioner ♥

After trying a miniature version I chanced upon in Donki in end-May, I finally hunted down full-sized versions and stocked up on the Hadalabo Skin Conditioner. I suppose this can be considered a review of sorts? I really love this product, it's AWESOME Ever since I started using it, my skin just started becoming better. Clearer, brighter, more hydrated. I use it together with the Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist, I think both work well together. My whole skincare routine now consists of just those two products, a single application at night before going to bed.

I stocked up well when I went to Chubu and Tohoku ^^

The Hadalabo Skin Conditioner is to prevent pimples and skin irritations, maintain moisture, cleanse and tighten pores. It is a medicated product. Like most Hadalabo products, it contains hyaluronic acid, as well as added ingredients to "condition" the skin, hence the name of the product (:

Got these 2 bottles of Hadalabo Skin Conditioner at Matsumoto Kiyoshi at Kanayama station in Nagoya. They retail for 1,575yen each. Previously, I had searched high and low in other MatsuKiyos in Kanazawa and Matsumoto, but I really couldn't find any. These 2 were the last 2 bottles in the Kanayama store; which did not have stock of the refills :(

The full-sized bottle of Hadalabo Skin Conditioner has 170ml of product, and unlike the Hadalabo hyaluronic hydrating toners which come in cylindrical bottles, these are in rectangular/blocky bottles. I like!

After Tohoku, we had a few free hours in Tokyo, and I went to the Donki in Shibuya to grab some of these. But figuring that a single bottle can last quite a while, and since I already had 2 whole 170ml bottles, I got 2 refills. Each refill packet has 150ml of product, and costs 1,365yen.

This is the mini 40ml travel-sized/sample-sized Hadalabo Skin Conditioner I got in Tokyo in end-May. It was 298yen (discounted price at Donki). After over 2 months of daily use, I think I'm just two-thirds to three-quarters through it; so this stuff lasts quite a long time. I think now I've got over a year's supply? Hopefully my stash will last that long!

I like the nozzle/hole/tip/whatever-you-call-it. Because it sticks out like this, the dispensed flow of product is precise, not messy and doesn't spill~

The cap comes off with minimal effort and has a big top hole, making it really easy for refilling.

The liquid is very light and watery, non-sticky, with a slight medicated smell, and is easily absorbed by the skin I guess some people may not like the smell, but I kind of like it!

The 5 key ingredients are dipotassium glycyrrhizate, pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E derivative, niacinamide and aminocaproic acid. You can go Google them yourselves if you're interested in their functions/derivations etc; I think I'll bore people with technicalities if I try to explain^^

The product claims to be hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, coloring-free, mineral-oil-free, paraben-free, mildly acidic, allergy-tested, stinging-tested and non-comedogenic. Suitable for normal, combi, dry, oily, sensitive etc many different skin types.

I cannot stress how much I adore this product right now! I think I've really got to credit all my recent skin improvements to this~ I do like Hadalabo products a lot. But I do find that their milks/emulsions are too rich and thick for Singapore's weather. Thus I'm really liking the Skin Conditioner because the formula is really thin and very watery, and it is extremely easily absorbed into my skin


  1. I managed to get one from adambeauty! Been using it for a week and so far it's love like you said :) can't wait to stock up in Tokyo!

  2. @Adeline ♥
    Congrats on managing to get them~ I wish Singapore could hurry and be up-to-date with Hadalabo releases, even the BB creams aren't available here yet! T_T

    ♥ Karisa