Monday, September 12, 2011

Tohoku Chopper Keychains! ♥ ご当地チョッパーマン: 東北

Part III of my gotouchi (ご当地, location limited) Chopper Keychains! Part I was Chubu, part II was Kantou (: Yes it's a collection, I do not think I can actually use up all of these keychains ^^

Akita limited, Namahage version
秋田限定: なまはげ

Namahage is a festival/ritual/event unique to the Akita prefecture.
There's also a Kantou Festival version, but I couldn't find it :(

Yamagata limited, Cherry version 2
山形限定: さくらんぼ2

Yamagata prefecture is famous for its cherries and cherry products.

Fukushima limited, Akabeko version
福島限定: あかべこ2

Akabeko is a traditional red cow toy from the Aizu region in Fukushima.

Iwate limited, Wanko Soba version
岩手限定: わんこそば

Iwate is famous for its soba.

Miyagi limited, Gyutan version
宮城限定: 牛タン

Miyagi is famous for its delicious gyutan.
There's also a Tanabata Festival version, but I couldn't find it! :(
Miyagi is the prefecture in which Sendai is located.

Fukushima limited, Byakkotai version
福島限定: 白虎隊

The Byakkotai was part of the Aizu forces, located in Fukushima.

I know that the Tochigi prefecture is part of the Kantou region and not Tohoku, but it borders Fukushima, which is part of Tohoku, and I went there while on the Tohoku trip, so I'm gonna lump the Tochigi Chopper keychains together with the Tohoku ones, since I got them together ~ (:

Tochigi limited, Sano Ramen version.
栃木限定: 佐野ラーマン

Tochigi is famous for Sano ramen.
It's famous for strawberries as well, but I couldn't find the strawberry version :(

Utsunomiya limited, Gyoza version 2
宇都宮限定: 餃子2

Utsunomiya is famous for its gyoza.
Utsunomiya is the capital of the Tochigi prefecture.

Nasu limited, eggplant version
那須限定: 茄子

A word-play on the name.
The word for eggplant in Japanese is "nasu" (茄子),
though a different kanji from the place "Nasu" (那須).
Nasu is a highland region located in the Tochigi prefecture.

The other Chopper Keychains I've collected are from the Chubu and Kantou regions~

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