Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sentimental Circus #5

Ya'll know I adore the whimsical designs of Sentimental Circus and the new collection finally hit the shores of Singapore! The prices are marked up compared to Japan, especially for the keychains and stuffed-animal pouches :( [They're really really cute though!]

I really wanted to visit Kiddyland to get Sentimental Circus stuff while I was in Japan, but really didn't have the time to. Anyway, this time round the goodies and designs are a lot prettier than the previous collections, I feel

Collective haul over a few trips!
I admit I like collecting notepads/memopads the most ^^
If you see my previous hauls I almost always get all the notepads and memopads I can get my hands on...they're really piling up!

First off, another file! This one has 3 sections.

This time round there's yummy food motifs

I love how each "layer" has different items and they all overlap to form a pretty design

B5?-size lined notebook. The inside is a regular lined notebook.

The back of the notebook.

One of the memo pads.
There were 2 in this collection but I only got far!

There's a sheet of sticker included inside.

Sheet design #1, love this!

Design #2

Design #3, love the filigree in the background

Design #4, desserts galore!

Design #5

2 notepads, these are lots prettier than the ones in the previous collections!

The back of the notepads.

Each notepad has 2 designs of paper.

The second designs.

Mini memopad.

Not sure how many there are for this collection, this was the last piece I saw at NBC in Raffles City. At Kinokuniya, I didn't see any mini memopads. Didn't see any either at Takashimaya Basement 1 :(

The 2 designs inside.

Metal pencil box!

There are 3 "layers".

The bottom-most "layer".
The colored side is the underneath of the middle "layer".

The middle "layer", and the top "layer".
The top "layer" is removable and is printed.
The bottom and middle "layers" are attached by a hinge so they're non-removable.

The two printed pieces.

Pencil! Love the bow

Sticker sheet

You can see the previous hauls here~ #1, #2, #3 + #4.


  1. @Riya~ ♥

    The Sentimental Circus characters are really cute~ :D

    ♥ Karisa

  2. Awwh everything's so cute and pretty! :3
    I wish I could buy things like this in Sweden... :<

  3. I saw some sentimental circus items on sale at PageOne at Vivo City. Saw many notebook, files, small plush toy and more. And sadly, they are closing down on 19th Feb 2012. and the items are going at 30% discount now. Now sure if still have now. Hope that helps