Thursday, September 8, 2011

Diamond Beauty New CM, Promo Images, Site Update & Model Recommendations ♥

In conjunction with the release of the new commercials, Diamond Beauty recently updated its website, it's just so cute and colorful now! Before reaching this screen a door opens up and all sorts of dessert and sweets pop out~

Anyway, they've basically done up a new round of promotional images for the 3 newer series (purple, light pink, blue). I guess the oldest series, the dark pink one, is really kinda old so they're not really focusing on promoting that right now!

So, under the "Special" section there are videos from each of the models introducing types of Diamond Lash they recommend from the series they're modelling for. You can watch the 9 videos here.

I think the checkered theme is really adorable!

New 2011 commercial for the Ready Glamorous series

Araki Sayaka 荒木さやか (ageha model) recommends Cat's Eye (upper) and Princess Eye (lower). She says that Diamond Lashes are soft and easy to use.

Minemura Yui 峯村優衣 (nuts model) recommends Cat's Eye, saying it gives a strong look and is good for photoshoots. For bottom lashes she recommends Natural Eye, as it looks natural and is easy to use.

Nemoto Yayoi 根本弥生 (aka Nemoyayo, Egg model) recommends Glamorous Eye, which is good for achieving the big eye effect, and making customized lashes. For lower lashes she recommends Sweet Eye, because you can adjust the length to fit your eyes. She also says that Diamond Lashes are easy to use.

PURE SERIES (Light pink)
Hehehe the first thing I noticed was that the pink group didn't have as much hair accessories or big bows as the purple or blue groups in their checkered outfits^^

New 2011 commercial for the Pure Series

Yamamoto Yuki 山本優希 (Jelly model) recommends Beauty Eye (my favorite!), saying it's great for tare-me (droopy eyes) and that it's cute. For lower lashes she recommends Baby Eye, which is so natural that she'd even recommend it for adults/OLs.

Higashino Yumi 東野佑美 (Blenda model) recommends French Eye, which is natural yet voluminous, and Model Eye for lower lashes.

Sano Yukiko 佐野有妃子 (aka Yukinoko, Popteen model) recommends Girly Eye for grown-up looking eyes that are girly. For lower lashes she recommends Feminine Eye, which come in separate pieces instead of a whole band. Use both to achieve large round eyes.


New 2011 commercial for the Volume Series

Sakamoto Remi 坂本礼美 (Jelly model) recommends Celeb Eye for upper lashes and Cool Eye for lower lashes. Use both to naturally achieve big eyes, even with karakon.

Yakuwa Satomi 八鍬里美 (aka Satomin, ageha model) recommends Rich Eye (upper) and Cute Eye (lower) for doll-like eyes.

Saito Natsumi 斉藤夏海 (Ranzuki model)recommends Sexy Eye and Charming Eye to achieve natural tare-me (droopy eyes).

Nishikawa Mizuki 西川瑞希 (aka Mizukitty, Popteen model) She's listed on the "Special" page but she doesn't have a video, and neither is she featured in any of the commercials....

Personally, I love the new promo images They're colorful and visually attractive :D Though it's kind sad that there're no new products. Still, the existing Diamond Lash lashes are by far some of the the best I've ever come across. I love using them, the variety is great and so is the quality and durability!

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