Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tobu Ikebukuro's Depachika ♥

When I'm bored I love visiting depachikas. It's always a delightful experience seeing the mouthwatering and tantalizing selections they have on display! My favorite section is always the sweets section, but I can't eat cake forever right? Wish I could though! The savories section is also filled with a large variety of scrumptious side-dishes.

Log cakes on display at the depachika at Tobu Ikebukuro
It's right next to Ikeburuko station.

They sell French pâtisseries.

Sieges Kranz!
They sell German confections.

Branch of the famous pâtisserie/chocolatier shop from Austria.

Henri Charpentier!
They sell French pâtisseries and macarons.

And blueberry cheesecake beside it.

Individual macarons~

The name means "king's crown" in German.
The company is Japanese though, and they sell Western confections.

Königs-Krone cake in cups~

Senbei (rice crackers)

The ones here are matcha-flavored.

They sell Western confections.

Assortment of yakitori

Various rolls of sushi
(or what's left over, I went pretty late!)

A whole roll for 126yen. You can slice it into around 5~6 pieces.

Tsukudani awase
(assortment of preserved seafood/meat)

A whole lot of tsukudani~

Other depachikas I went to were at Seibu Ikebukuro and Takashimaya Shinjuku. Each one is a little different but you're sure to find delicious food and patisseries!


  1. Everything looks soooo delicious! =]

  2. all those pastries... i want to eat all of them!