Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chopper Goods! ♥

Say hello to my new camera case~
A Chopper head attached with an omamori (protection charm from temples/shrines) from Chuusonji, and dangly stuff from Pink Latte. Opens at the top, around the edges of the hat^^

I think Chopper's a really cute mascot. So he's not actually my favorite character from One Piece (Zoro is!) but he's really cute as a mascot so I can't help hoarding stuff with him on it!

Before it became my camera case.
I got this at a store in Shinagawa, near the ground floor of the hotel we were staying in.

One Piece-themed cooling packs, saw this at a bookstore in Narita Airport.
Other than Chopper there's Luffy, Ace and Shanks!

Candy in a Chopper tin~

The back.

Chopper and One Piece merchandise in a UFO catcher machine.

Large Chopper dolls in a UFO catcher machine~!

The very skilful Kensei caught it and now I have a mega-Chopper doll!

And I was happily camwhoring with Chopper on the bus

Squeezy little Chopper keychain

Chopper piggy-bank.

Tote bags anyone?

Miniature poker cards!

And my ever-growing collection of ご当地(location limited edition) Chopper keychains. For now you can see the individual Chubu ones here, and the individual Kantou ones here! (And the individual Tohoku ones will come when I get round to posting those!)

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  1. The UFO doll is so cuuute! Chopper is so adorable! =]