Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Dolly Wink Items for F/W 2011 ♥

Right now they're in the midst of taking promotional pictures and deciding on the packaging, but here's the line-up for the new Dolly Wink releases due out sometime in Fall/Winter this year~

さくらんぼ 6 new types of lashes
さくらんぼ Eyebrow pencils
さくらんぼ Brow mascara
さくらんぼ Brow powder

Guess this time round it's venturing into brow products! Plus the new lashes, can't wait to see the designs of those~ ♥

The other day I finally spotted tubes of Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix in my local Watson's, so I grabbed 2...despite still having 3 tubes of DUP Eyelash Fixer. I somehow still prefer the Dolly Wink one despite it being non-waterproof, it's easier to remove and I like how the glue kind of holds the shape of the lash after removing it? ^^


  1. OMG how exciting!! I must hold back on lashes for now... I'm SO stupid excited for the eyebrow products especially! o(>w<")o I can't wait to see what the new lash designs will be like... I just hope they won't be more expensive than her current lashes ><;

    I've been eyeing the lash glue for so long now. The idea of the brush is so captivating (LOL) no more disgusting globs of glue exploding out of the tubes =w= ....that sounds kind of gross actually, I apologize lmaoooo

  2. @katie ♥
    Dang I just got a whole bunch of brow products *need to finish using them up!* I think the prices of the lashes should stay the same, unless they change the number of pairs per pack! I hope the lash designs are unique! ♥

    The lash glue is great! Hmm I never realized it, but most of the lash glues I see around here are the brush type^^ The only squeeze tube ones I've seen is Duo/LashGrip or something like that? Despite hearing from people that it's good I've never tried it precisely cos of the exploding glue fear LOL! :D

    ♥ Karisa