Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sun With Moon ♥

Sun with Moon is one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, the food is great...usually. This was the first time encountering such disappointing dishes. Though the rest made up for it, now I know what never to order, and to be wary of the servings of certain ingredients.

First, take a guess, how many people this meal is for?

You might that think this looks nice,
but you'll be fooled, just like we were.
And we ordered two of this.

Kurobuta (pork) okonomiyaki - Disappointment #1

I was craving okonomiyaki, but ended up feeling cheated.
This was dry, flavorless and empty.
For all the slices of kurobuta, at least 70% was fat and not meat.
The bottom of the okonomiyaki was a tad burnt.
There was too much flour and hardly any cabbage!

Needless to say, I could only stomach less than half of mine, my friend fared better and finished 3/4 of hers.

Mentaiko cheese yaki - Disappointment #2

Total ripoff. Guess where the mentaiko is?
It's the miniscule, hard, brown bits at the top, I was cheated.
But the kitchen said it's been "cooked".
The mentaiko was supposed to be inside/under the cheese, not on top!
All the other times I had it, it was not like this.
The picture in the menu is totally different from this.

Niku udon

After the previous two disappointments,
thankfully the udon and soup were nice!
But sadly this was not my dish T_T


Best dish of the night~
Loved the flavor of the soup too!
Golden mushrooms are my favorite, and so is beeef!
But the beef slices were so thick though.

Chirashi sushi

This was good too; roe, salmon, unagi
Not mine though T_T

Came as a set with chawanmushi, soup, vegetables, soft shell crab.

Hahaha, the meal was for 3 people. Greedy little pigs aren't we? (:


  1. The sushi looks delish! Grr hate it when restaurants serve substandard food! =[

  2. @Julie ♥
    It's terrible when restaurants cut back on quality (food) to go for quantity (more customers) :((

    ♥ Karisa