Thursday, August 25, 2011

夏祭り 2011 ♥ Natsu Matsuri

Natsu Matsuri (summer festival) this year was held 2 weeks after I got back from Japan, a good chance to wear the new yukata I got hehehe~ I got the yukata at Uniqlo at Narita Airport, it was only 2,990yen and the quality's not bad! Plus I looove the design, and especially the color of the obi (belt/sash)! ♥

Right after I bought it I tried tying the obi for the first time in my life; I'd like to think it looks somewhat decent, no? However I don't think it would've lasted if I went out walking around with it!

The person who tied the obi for me at Natsu Matsuri tied it really prettily! Instead of the usual one wrap around she folded it to show the colors cos my obi is colorful~ And it became useful for slotting stuff.

There are lots of variations to tying the obi,
I love looking at the back view of people wearing yukata for the tied obi.
This only applies to "real" obi, not the cheat/fake obi with pre-made bows haha!

Posing with out cups and pretending to be spokespeople for Asahi.


Ice cream to cool off on a hot summer day~

Her kanzashi (hair ornament) is gorgeous! ♥

Lots of delicious food stalls at this year's Natsu Matsuri!

Taking pictures on this day is a must!

Had squid yakisoba for dinner~!

Cute little hula girls.
In the field there were lots of performances by various groups, with people of all ages.
Cheerleading, taiko (traditional drums), hula, different types of dance etc.

Playing around with my camera's different color modes...

What's that over there?

How about over there?

Yukata girls~
3 of us bought ours at Uniqlo at Narita^^

Pseudo-dance pose~

Playing with sparklers after the event~!

We had to go out onto the streets cos sparklers were banned at the event location.

Don't mess with us or we'll beat you up!

Playing pool in a yukata is possible!
Not by me though, I'm horrible at pool in general.

This was how the person tied my obi for me, love the contrasting colors! ♥

Natsu Matsuri is a yearly event organized by the Japanese Association, Singapore (JAS). It's usually held at the Japanese Primary School in Changi, on a Saturday around the 20th of August. Expect lots of yummy food, nice performances and a great atmosphere~!

Hopefully with time I'll learn how to tie the obi more nicely hohoho! ♥

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  1. I think your bow looks pretty good =] Yukatas are so pretty! The festival looks like tons of fun =]