Chubu ♥ Hokuriku

This is an index of links for my posts on my solo trip to Chubu/Hokuriku 中部・北陸 in July 2011, for easier navigation (: Alternatively, you could just look up posts under the label "chubu♥ Thank you Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)!

July 2011
   Going to Chubu/Hokuriku


   Day 1: Beautiful Kanazawa ♥ 金沢
Explored the plethora of well-preserved Edo-period buildings, took a leisurely stroll through Kenrokuen, one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan~♥ Revelled in the resplendence of the blooming flowers, trees, stones and water features in this ethereal paradise~♥ Got a glimpse into the past, through the city’s many historical sites like the Kanazawa Castle, Ninjadera, and Chayamachi – streets full of traditional teahouses, a cultural asset.
   Day 1: Kanazawa Picture Spam

   Day 2: Gokayama ♥ 五箇山
Hidden deep in the mountains, I fell in love with the unique charm of this UNESCO World Heritage Site's many gorgeous traditional 18th century gasshou-zukuri (thatched-roof) farmhouses~♥ Though a tad remote and inaccessible, the exquisite sights and rewards of cultural experiences were well worth the trip!

   Day 2: Toyama Food

  Day 3: Tatayema Kurobe Alpine Route ♥ 立山黒部アルペンルート
Amazing mountain range between the Toyama and Nagano prefectures; the highest point of which is 3,100m above sea level. Enjoyed the breathtaking landscapes and scenery, and was dazzled by the sheer beauty of nature while going along this alpine route~! ♥ Saw the powerful and magnificent discharges of water at the Kurobe Dam, the highest dam in Japan.

   Day 3: Tateyama's Hoshi no Shizuku ♥ 星の雫

   Day 4: Matsumoto and its lovely castle ♥ 松本
Against a backdrop of exceptional natural beauty, this city is filled with magnificent views of the traditional way of life. Visited the elegant Matsumoto Castle, a premier historic castle located in the center of the city.

   Day 4: Kamikouchi ♥ 上高地
A beautifully pristine mountainous highland area of the Chubu Sangaku National Park, located 1,500m above sea level, in the Japan Alps.

 Day 4: Shinshuu Food

  Day 5: Nagoya ♥ 名古屋
Visited Atsuta Jinguu, a shrine dating back to nearly 2000 years ago and home to thousands of significant cultural relics. Went to the Osu Kannon temple and explored the nearby Osu Shopping Arcade, a series of old-style shopping streets! ♥ Saw Oasis21, a beautiful building with a huge pond on top of its glass roof, very pretty!

   Day 6: Departing Chubu :(

   Food souvenirs from Chubu

   Afterthoughts on visiting Chubu/Hokuriku

   Souvenirs from Matsumoto

   Toyama: Where Japan goes to relax

I ended up loving Chubu/Hokuriku so much that in 2012, while on a solo trip to Kansai, I had to squeeze in Fukui, a prefecture in Hokuriku that I didn't have time for in 2011.

July 2012

   Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum ♥ 福井県立恐竜博物館

   Echizen Washi no Sato Paper Village ♥ 越前和紙の里