Kansai ♥

This is an index of links for my posts on my solo trip to Kansai 関西 in July 2012, for easier navigation (: Alternatively, you could just look up posts under the label "kansai

   Kyoto 京都

Kibune Jinja ♥ 貴船神社
A picturesque Shinto shrine dedicated to the water god, has unique omikuji and is a famed spot for praying for relationships. Lined with tall cedars and with a stream flowing adjacent, the path up is beautiful.

Hyakumanben Flea Market ♥ 百万遍さんの「手づくり市」
A local flea market selling handmade goods, held on the 15th of every month at Chionji's temple grounds.

Gion Matsuri ♥ 祇園祭の山鉾巡行
One of the largest and most famous festivals in Japan, the highlight is the Yamaboko Junko, a spectacular procession of beautifully decorated floats. 

Arashiyama ♥ 嵐山
A designated place of scenic beauty, it has a beautiful backdrop, bamboo groves and the Tougetsukyou, a bridge from which the views are spectacular.

Kiyomizu-dera ♥ 清水寺
A Unesco World Heritage Site, the temple has a larg
e veranda jutting out over the hillside, and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding flora as well as the city. 

   Kobe 神戸
Juchheim Motomachi

   Osaka 大阪

Universal Citywalk Takoyaki Museum ♥ たこ焼きミュージアム
Osaka Castle ♥ 大阪城
Shibuya 109 Abeno ♥

   Nara 奈良

Kasuga Taisha ♥ 春日大社
Nara Deer Park ♥ 奈良公園

   Koyasan 高野山