Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Juchheim Kobe Motomachi ♡

Founded by Karl Juchheim in 1909, Juchheim is famous in Japan for their baumkuchen (literally tree cake in German :P). Layers of batter are poured over each other, making a series of rings when you cut them, like the rings in tree trunks!

When I went to Kobe, I just had to visit their cafe,
because there are so many delicious things to try!

Other than tea-time offerings, the store also serves pasta and salad for lunch.

A variety of some of the other goodies they sell: cookies and jelly.

The dining area is on the upper level, and these were models placed at the level between stair flights.
Trying to tempt you on your way up!
Baumkuchen with fresh cream, strawberry shortcake, parfait.

Kobe Motomachi store special strawberry shortcake!
It looked delicious, I was having a really tough time deciding between this and the one I eventually ordered.

Schwarzwilder Kirsh Parfait.
This looked good too, with a generous dollop of ice cream and mix of berries!

I eventually ordered a strawberry baumkuchen with ice cream tea set~

In addition to having them on top, the baumkuchen has strawberry inside it too!
Strawberries are my favorite fruit

Left to right: Sahnetorte, fruit roll, choco cake.

German cheesecake. It's different from regular cheesecake!
My German teacher tried to explain how, but I guess you have to try it yourself to understand!

Limited to the Kobe Motomachi store, Apple Baumkuchen!
This has apple in the center, with layers of baumkuchen around it, forming a ball shape.

Juchheim is available in Singapore too,
but just the baumkuchen and some cookies ^^
No pretty cafes or cakes like in Japan!


  1. OMG! They look so yummy! I would like to try fruit roll out, it looks so delicious!

    1. I wanted to try everything out, but thought it would be too greedy if I ordered two sets for just me! ^^

  2. Oh I've never heard of baumkuchen before! I'll probably look into them right now cause they seem so interesting!! =D

    1. You must try it~ ♥ Baumkuchen is one of the most popular cakes in Japan along with strawberry shortcake, lotsa patisseries make them! ♥

  3. OMG so many cute food its a shame to eat them, but they look sooo good! :333

    1. It's a shame right? But they taste just as good too! ♥