Thursday, September 29, 2011

Giveaway Winner ☆★☆

Dear winner,

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Congratulations connie :] ~!! ★☆★

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GD&TOP and Seungri at F1

Last week on 23rd September, Big Bang's GD&TOP and Seungri came to Singapore to perform at the F1 Singapore Grand Prix Walkabout tickets for Friday were only S$38, and they were scheduled to perform at 11:10pm. However to access to the area around the stage was limited to 2,000 people, and wristbands to enter the area would be given out from 3pm on a first-com-first-served basis. Needless to say, of course we went there at 3pm to get the wristbands :D

At 11:10pm the deejay kept stalling and playing random stuff and 2NE1 songs. The actual "performance" only started 15 minutes later, with Seungri's solo songs.

There were 2 large screens, one on each side of the stage. The stage was T-shaped, and we were near the tip of the T. Meaning, it's close only if they walk out. Other than that, looking at the screen would give a better view :P

The lights system was awesome!
Strobe lights in many different colors
And the yellow light matched the yellow light-sticks hehe.

More of the pretty lights.

For this shot, I swear Seungri was pointing straight at my bling-ed camera (cos it's really sparkly, especially with the wonderful lighting system) but the over-zealous young girls in front just wouldn't stop waving and banging their light-sticks in front of my camera!!! Hence the yellow blur :( He's looking and pointing at my camera okay!

After Seungri sang VVIP, Strong Baby and What Can I do, it was time for GD&TOP!

Loved their colorful jackets and coats!

They performed Intro, Knock Out, Oh Yeah and my favorite, High High.

Inconsiderate fans brought balloons, which greatly obstructed the view of 10,000+ people behind. Luckily I wasn't behind them! Though my (camera's) view was still blocked by the light-stick girls.

One of the ments during the performance where they introduce themselves and say random things in English. GD does most of the talking though, TOP just says hi!

Ending their talk and performing High High. It's kind of shakey cos I'm just holding the camera out while I look at them^^

Second clip of the High High performance.

TOP hugged GD during the High High performance, awww (:

I really love the lighting and their colorful coats

Then TOP walked over to the tip of the T, *snaps away*

Then GD came over too!


And TOP bent down at one side, the girls there must've been in shock :O

They made good use of the lights and the backscreen.
Charice didn't really use the backscreen so it wasn't as visually spectacular ^^

For the encore, the 3 of them did "How Gee".
Bet Seungri couldn't stand the heat and humidity, so he took of his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves.

GD probably couldn't take the heat and humidity either, so he took off his colorful coat.

Perhaps TOP could take the sweltering heat and humidity, he kept his jacket on.

GD + TOP + Seungri = awesome day!

The end. It ended 5 minutes early so I think their actual performance was only 30+minutes instead of the intended 50. But, it was a great performance! I hope Big Bang comes to do a full-length concert someday!

Monday, September 26, 2011

F1 Singapore GP 2011

23~25 September was the weekend of the F1 Singapore Grand Prix!
I loooove F1, it's the only sport I keep up with and like watching

Queuing outside Gate 3 (under the hot sun with 24124 other people) waiting for it to open!
All gates open at 3pm.

Got our fan zone wristbands!
The fan zone is the area around the stage that only people with the wristbands can enter. People without wristbands can only watch from waaay further away, at a distance where good pictures are an impossibility! Wristbands would be given out from 3pm at the performance area. GD&TOP and Seungri were scheduled to perform at 11pm. But the wait was worth it!

Happy and awesome day ahead!

Had to take a picture with this fake "podium"!

Red Bull and F1 merchandise stalls

Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes merchandise booth

There was a simulator that the public could try out!

"Fast is amazing." Agreed!

Marina Bay Sands

View from the bridge.

Trying out the LG 3D LCD TV, amazing clarity!
But it would be weird if 3D television became the norm; when everyone watches television they'd be wearing funky glasses and staring at a box...

After getting the wristbands, we exited to feast on Japanese food for dinner^^

Survival kit consists of earplugs and a poncho.
The earplugs were lifesavers!

As much I as adore the sound of V8 engines and being close to the stage where GD&TOP and Seungri will be performing, the sound level is too loud and I'd have gone deaf if not for the earplugs!

Charice performed at 8:30pm, she has an amazing voice!

F1 free practice session 2.

We stood up in preparation for GD&TOP and Seungri's performances, so that other people wouldn't step on us! The dude behind kept photo-bombing my photos :(

VIPs waiting in anticipation!
GD&TOP and Seungri's performance in the next post!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Waseda Shibuya Seiransai ♥ 星蘭際 2011

Every year on a Sunday in September, Waseda Shibuya Senior High School, a Japanese high school in Singapore, holds its school festival, called Seiransai. The theme for this year was "Our spirits connecting to the world".

Inside the school, decked with colorful, painstakingly handmade decorations!

An artist painting a mural on the spot!
There were also lots of activities to promote support for Tohoku.

Posters around the school advertising the different booths and stations organized by different classes. This is for the Pirate Ship. No, it's not a picture of Johnny Depp, but of one of the students dressed as Jack Sparrow!

First stop was the cafeteria to fill our empty stomachs.
The desserts were simply wonderful!
And the students serving the food were wearing pretty yukatas.

Bling-ed pen doubles up as a hair accessory~

I had the soumen and inari sushi set.
Based on what my friends ordered, we concluded that this was the most delicious :D

Onto the class booths!
First up was Waccafe, a cosplay cafe.
Props to the guy in white and purple who actually painted his face!
Pikachu should've done that and painted his face yellow!

Picture with Mario!

They were serving tea+cake sets; the cake was made by the students themselves.
My drink was barley tea (mugicha), and the cake was earl grey cake.
I love mugicha!
I've only ever drunk it in Japan, because I just don't know where to buy it here :(

The walls of the "cafe" were decorated with the covers of Shonen Jump and other weekly manga magazine covers. Lots of One Piece!

Another booth was a game thing, where you play against the students of the class and try to beat them.

First game was like Jenga with uneven cardboard boxes.

Second was a man-made kurohige, that game where you poke swords through holes and if the pirate pops up you lose.

Daruma game where you use a bat and hit away the layers starting from the bottom, whilst ensuring that the top layers remain intact and do not topple. This was really hard.

Slime-making booth.
Mix a bunch of liquids, add coloring, stir and it becomes slime.
Fascinating but gross!

One of the classes made a movie/parody of HanaKimi starring their students.

They even printed posters of their students.
Us trying to imitate their poses.

Scary witch!
While waiting to enter the haunted house, Miyaka Wonderland, we grabbed a random wig and played with it.


Black and white makes it scarier.

The "story" behind the haunted house Miyaka Wonderland.
It was pitch black inside and the students playing ghosts go up to you and scream into your face!

One of the girls from the haunted house.

Trying to be scary.

A guy dressed in boxes, walking around.
He was promoting his class' booth, a music performance thing.

Time to leave, see you again next year :(