About ♥


Here I post about things I love and make me happy, things I'd look back on in 50 years and go, "Yeah, I loved that!" or "Oh, those happy times! Don't expect thought-provoking or meaningful insights regarding current affairs or politics here, though you may find an occasional pro-environment/go-green message  (I'm an environmental engineering major!)

These things I love include but are not limited to (not in any particular order):
 Travelling (mainly in Japan)
 Beautiful scenery/ landscapes
 Cosmetics + beauty (mainly Japanese and Korean brands)
 Patisseries + tea
 DIY + Accessories
 One Piece
 Learning languages
 JYJ + Big Bang
 Good food
 ...and a plethora of other things!


香里紗  Karisa, a dreamer of sorts, loves all things pretty, floral and sparkling~ Adores the sound of string instruments.

 Loves travelling, scenery and natural wonders. Loves wandering and exploring new places. Loves endlessly blue oceans and is fascinated by marine life. Wants to see northern lights someday.

 Wants to do everything! Has interests and passions in a huge variety of areas, but trying to focus energy on one at a time is tough...

 Adores montblanc and fraisier, strawberries and JYJ, nature and learning languages, staring at vast expanses of ocean and landscapes, good food and travelling, collecting false lashes and cosmetics 

 Adores One Piece, thinks Chopper is the most adorable mascot, though her favorite character is Zoro.


If you have any queries or wish to work with me, please leave a comment (preferably in English, 中文 or 日本語) or send an email to: ciramisu@gmail.com. (You could also try Tagalog, Français or 한국어 but I can't guarantee fluent replies for those!)