Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Obsessed with Rings!

Rings Who doesn't love them? Lately I've been having a bit of an obsession with them, every time I step into a store with accessories, I always have to check out the rings! These are some that I've gotten...this month :x But I really do like them! Though I haven't really got a chance to wear them other than weekends (*´д`*)

Okay, these are not rings but I had to get them out of the way first, they made me so happy just looking at them^^ Bought these cos they were so colorful and too pretty to resist! Ribbon earrings in 9 different colors were only S$11! The long colorful flowers necklace was around S$10 I think? Both were from F21.

Rings from Accessorize!
Out of all the rings I own, I do like the quality of the Accessorize ones the most, but that being said, they are quite pricey for regular, non-precious stone rings :/ I got the big round one when it was 70% off, the original price was S$47. I fell in love with the fish ring the moment I saw it, who's the genius who came up with the idea of making a ring in a vertical fish?! I love the hanging scales~ It was S$27.

The problem with buying them was that you can really try them on in the store, so at first I got the fish ring in a size too large. When I exchanged it, I think the bottom scale on the new one was missing! But oh well, at least its not a very noticeable scale. I don't like looking at dead fish in the market, but I really like looking at the fish ring~

These are from H&M!
Sets of 10 rings, good for layering or stacking on your other fingers if you don't want to just wear one ring out, but think that having two "big" or "bold" rings is too much. Obviously I *needed* both colors, to match my other rings :P Each set was S$5.90, more reason to get both ehehe^^

Gold ones with the big round ring from Accessorize. Golden harmony!

Silver ones with the moose ring (bought last year from F21, still really really love it)!
The square black one is from Gmarket.

Plastic bow rings from F21!
I love these because you know whenever you're out and go to the restroom? When you wash your hands you need to take your rings off, and sometimes the skin between your fingers are totally dry when you put them back on, then the metal oxidizes (´д`) But with these plastic rings, it doesn't matter if you wet them! :D

They were S$5 each

Double rings from F21!
I actually got the stars one last year, but got the flowers one this month.
Forgot the prices, but I think they were around S$8 each?

I think F21 offers a large assortment of accessories, but the quality isn't that great - they wear/oxidize really fast, and sometimes the joints aren't done very well, so parts may break off. Also, sometimes the stones aren't glued on properly and fall off too. But that being said, they are inexpensive and offer quite a variety of designs, and anyway no one can see the oxidized portions when you're wearing them :P

The flower double ring and the fish ring; the pinks match!

The stars double ring and a butterfly ring from Accessorize.

Set of 3 rings from H&M. S$7.90
I really like these, found them by accident hidden in a pot of other rings at H&M (♥´౪` )

But sadly they're kinda too big even for my index and middle fingers, so I need to be careful when bending my fingers downwards, there have been quite many times I've "lost" the top layer whilst digging for stuff in my bag. Luckily it's just lost in my bag, and not dropped somewhere on the streets.

Not rings, but bangles! From F21.
I also got the pale blue version of the white one last month^^ Rings are currently my favorite accessories, but bangles/bracelets are following behind, cos I don't really wear or have very many of them. But I think I've got enough hair bands/bows/clips though!

Heart-shaped purple sunnies~!
Couldn't resist!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Diamond Blushes and Diamond Beauty Puff ♥

In addition to the newly released Little Wink eyelash series, on 24-Feb this year Diamond Beauty also released 3 new blushes and 1 new face powder! ♡♥ I love Diamond Beauty's blushes, so I'm hoping the new ones will be great too! Currently they're only available at SBY stores and the Diamond Beauty online store.

Diamond Blush No. 6 ローズピンク / Rose Pink
Description: Spreading a thin layer of this finely textured powder gives the look
of rosy cheeks exuding a glow from within, an elegant rose pink.

Diamond Blush No. 7 スウィートピーチ / Sweet Peach
Description: Blending in with your skin,
this is a sheer nudy and sweet peach pink that draws out a shine.

Diamond Blush No. 8 ジューシーオレンジ / Juicy Orange
Description: A glamorous orange that instantly gives a healty complexion,
it also gives a dewy and transparent finish to the skin.

The older Diamond Blushes No. 1~5:
Dolly Pink, Apricot Pink, Honey Orange, Gold Jewellery, Creamy Pearl.

The new blushes have a black bottom casing and clear upper lid, unlike the older ones which had clear packaging for both the top and bottom lids. Also, the older ones said "Diamond Blush" across the lid, while it appears that the new ones will have "Diamond Beauty" instead. The size of the products look similar, so if like the old ones they should have 6g of product. Each costs 1,050yen with tax.

I have 3 of the older blushes, and among all the gyaru brands of blushes I think Diamond Beauty gives the best bang for your buck - more product and lower price. I also liked how the packaging was a heavier plastic, rather than a lightweight thinner plastic. It felt more solid compared to say, Candy Doll or Melliesh. So I'm hoping that the new ones will have the same form factor too! Hoping that that the black plastic isn't the lightweight, flimsy, crack-in-a-moment type!

Diamond Beauty is also releasing a new Diamond Puff.
No. 3 Aurora Face Beautiful White Skin

The older Diamond Puffs were No. 1 Princess Face Transparent Skin and No. 2 was Dolly Face Matte Skin. Like the difference with between the old and new blushes, seems like the new Diamond Puff's packaging will say "Diamond Beauty" instead of "Diamond Puff" which the older ones have. Size looks to be the same, so it should have 30g of product. It costs 1,575yen with tax, like the other two Diamond Puffs.

I'm excited for the blushes! I like how Diamond Beauty has chosen to make darker pinks and oranges for their new blushes, because frankly I think the market is saturated with sweet pinks and light oranges (*´д`*) All the new colors look great! I'm not sure if I can pull off Juicy Orange cos it's too...orange, but no harm trying! Other than that the other two are definitely my kind of colors! ♡♥

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Diamond Lash Little Wink Series ♡

It's finally here~! ♡♥Something I've been waiting for for a long while, a new series of lashes by Diamond Lash - the Little Wink series (リトルウィンクシリーズ). Labelled as natural-looking lashes, as if they're extensions, this series is a line of natural lashes. Before you dismiss it as boring (yes, I find that most lashes that claim to be natural are just boring, either too short, strands too thin or badly spaced, just looking like a mass of thin strands!) these still have volume, thus still giving your eyes that extra pop whilst not being too dramatic for the office or interviews.

As with all precious Diamond Lash series, the Little Wink series has 6 types of lashes, and the trays of the series have their own color - light green. Each type comes in a pack of 5 pairs, with each pack retailing for 1,050yen. However, unlike previous series which have all had 3 upper and 3 lower lashes, this series has 4 upper, 1 partial and 1 lower lash. (I'm really loving the lower lash!! ) So without further ado, here are the lashes from the Little Wink series!

ウィンク Eye / Wink Eye

Diamond Beauty's description:
With crossed strands, they give a natural look, like they're your own lashes but enhanced. It lengthens the outer corners of you eyes, and the outer ends of the lashes are curled for a cute look.

I'm liking the look of these, both in the package and on the model~ I like how they're shorter on the inner end and longer on the outer end, and how they're looped in bunches such that the lashes aren't aligned straight, but come out in slightly different directions. Will definitely be picking up a pack when I go to Japan!

エアリー Eye / Airy Eye

Diamond Beauty's description:
With fine strands, they give a natural look, like they're your own lashes but enhanced. Give the look of airy lashes and big eyes.

Too thin for my liking, will pass on this ^^

シークレット Eye / Secret Eye

Diamond Beauty's description:
Fine strands with gradating length and density towards the outer ends. Looks like you're not wearing false lashes, and gives a natural look.

As with Wink Eye, I like how they're shorter on the inner end and longer on the outer end, and how they're looped in bunches such that the lashes aren't aligned straight, but come out in slightly different directions. These are leaning on the thin side for me though, but I'll have to see the actual product before deciding! They do look really natural and nice on the model though!

ロマンス Eye / Romance Eye

Diamond Beauty's description:
With fine strands, made in a natural design, the centers of each bunch have longer strands, to enhance the pupils and give romantic-looking eyes.

Too straight for my liking, will pass on this. I don't like lashes that are longest in the middle and equally short on both ends. I like ones longer at the ends! ^^

ミューズ Eye / Muse Eye

Diamond Beauty's description:
With crossed strands, when used on the outer corners of the eye they give a classy and elegant look. For beautiful eyes, as if your own lashes have been enhanced.

This is a partial lash.

ハニー Eye / Honey Eye

Diamond Beauty's description:
Random fine strands, it's like your own but better and enhanced! For naturally voluminous lower lashes.

I love this! When I first saw the first pic in the mailer (Wink Eye) I was thinking, "Ooh, I like the lower lashes, please let them be part of the series!" and delightfully, I found out they were, after scrolling to the bottom hehe. I've been looking for lower lashes that give this look, and finally here comes Diamond Lash to the rescue. I like that they're not too evenly spaced or lined too straight. Will definitely pick up a few (many) packs in July!

So there you have it, the new Little Wink series by Diamond Lash. They will be available exclusively at SBY stores and from the Diamond Beauty online store from 24-Feb 2012. Currently you can preorder them on the Diamond Beauty online store, but they will only start shipping out on 24-Feb. Needless to say, they only ship to Japanese addresses.

I've previously posted on SBY here, and I've listed the store addresses too. I'm so glad Osaka has an SBY! But I do believe that sooner or later, and by the time I go, this series will be available at Donki, like all other Diamond Lash lashes. The 1st two series, dark pink and purple, are available in many drugstores in Japan, but so far the newer ones, light pink and light blue, are only available at SBY, the Diamond Lash online store, and Donki. Latest releases are usually exclusively at SBY and the online store first.

I'm really looking forward to this series, it offers my kind of natural - not the flat, straight, boring, run-of-the-mill "natural" lashes, but ones that are still long enough, thick enough but not too dramatic; more natural-looking whilst still being gyaru lashes For me natural = something like the first three, differing from regular lashes in that they're not as dense or bunched into spikes :)

Currently I'm really loving the ZipperxEyemazing #801, they're like Wink Eye but they're brown! I've gone through all 3 pairs (Eyemazing comes in packs of 3), so I'm trying out other more "natural" options in my stash, cos I'm interning and can't wear something like Beauty Eye everyday! (*´д`*) So I've been alternating Sexy Eye and Girly Eye ♪(´・ω・` )