Monday, November 8, 2010

Gmarket Haul - Books, CDs, DVDs and misc ♥

Hello all~ This time round I hauled Korean books, CDs and DVDs! Wanted to make use of the books category coupons available this month, as well as the Bravo Gmarket overseas shipping coupons, hence the haul ♥♥ 

Two shipments because I forgot to combine shipping T_T Other than books, CDs and DVDs I actually ordered clothes but since everyone orders clothes/shoes from Gmarket I shalln't be reviewing that today~ Onto the DVDs first!

Clockwise from top left: SS501 Step Up Concert, All About DBSK Season 1, All About DBSK Season 3, DBSK Mirotic Concert, Tohoshinki The Secret Code Concert, DBSK 'O' Concert.

Okay, so I only ordered the last four, the other two I already had but wanted to include in the picture (: Sadly All About DBSK Season 2 was not available on Gmarket, I don't know why. Neither was the Five in the Black Concert DVD. Maybe they're out of stock or I wasn't searching with the right terms?

The O and Mirotic DVDs were from the seller 케이아트+. They were about 23,000 won and 33,000 won after coupons. The Mirotic DVD was supposed to come with 5 bookmarks, but I didn't even get a single one! What happened to it! :( And the posters included weren't matching with the product, they were just random posters of DBSK. The O DVD was supposed to come with a standing calendar, what happened to it!? I never got that either :( But the packaging is cool, the silver portions actually change color reflecting light, that's why you can see the rainbow/spectrum of colors in the picture above ^^

I got the Secret Code and AADBSK3 from 뮤직코리아. Great to watch! :D They were 25,000 won and 33,000 won after coupons. Of the 4 DVDs, only All About has English subtitles, but I speak/read Japanese so Japanese subtitles/audio were fine for me (:

Clockwise from top left: Jejung&Yuchun - Colors, Melody and Harmony; DBSK - Mirotic Ver. C, DBSK - A Christmas Gift from DBSK, DBSK - Hug, DBSK - Vacation OST.

CDs! These are some of their older singles and mini albums, which aren't available in Singapore, so I wanted to grab in case they cease production or something :/ From the seller 음반몰. I actually wanted to grab a couple more but I shouldn't bee too greedy, and get them next time! Totally love the packaging of the Christmas gift, it's so cute, like a gift! Comes with postcards (:

Got some textbooks/workbooks for learning Korean~♥ The Kyunghee University series. The Singapore Korean School uses this for teaching Korean, and apparently in South Korea it's used to teach some foreign diplomats and their family, so it must be effective right? I haven't started reading it yet though! Top row is textbooks, the bottom row the accompanying workbooks. Blue is Beginner's I, red is Beginner's II, green is Intermediate I. I didn't get the Intermediate II and Advanced I&II, I have to actually get started on and finish these three first! :P

Got the workbooks from Libro and the textbooks from 영풍문고. The workbooks come in a 30-hole ring binder, but sadly due to the (rather bad) packaging of the seller, when they reached me the plastic cover and ring openings were cracked and broken. Even worse, the broken bits were nowhere to be found in the boxes! So... Shipping was rather slow too. So I bought new files to put them in. They were around 12-13,000 won each after coupons. The textbooks on the other hand were quick in shipping and came in good condition. They were around 15,000 won.

The 3 thicker bottom ones are workbooks, and the 2 thinner ones are the textbooks. The textbooks are in English and Korean and the paper is of thick, glossy, good quality. However as you can see I'm missing the textbook for the red, Beginner's II, as the two sellers selling it on Gmarket both do not ship it overseas! Which I find odd as everything else in the series (Beginner I, Intermediate I & II, Advanced I & II) all ship overseas! Just not the Beginner's II...

Masking stickers! They're sheets of patterned stickers in strips/circles which you can use to decorate notes, cards etc. Really pretty and can't wait to use them! Hehe I started by decorated the tin above :D

Also got 2 books from (주)수송사샵. They were on 50% sale and cost only 5,400won each! Lee Hyeyoung's Beauty Bible and Fashion Bible. Honestly I doubt I can read them since I don't know much Korean yet but there are pictures, and who could resist such a pretty hot pink book like that! The cover is just so, so pretty, pink, lace pattern, mirror-like image in the middle.

The Beauty Bible also has a sweet pink ribbon bookmark :D

They also came with download coupons (which I do not know how to use since it's in Korean, but maybe someday I'll learn how to!) That is if they don't expire first!

Also got 5 rings (the ones in plastics) from the seller 테이커. The rest are all freebies!

I love these two the most ♥

I love the ribbon one as well, it's so sweet! ♥

Ordered the Dr Jart+ Silver Label BB cream after I finished my Black Label. From the GmarketDr Jart+ shop. I have to say I LOVE THIS! ♥♥ Coverage is really good, yet the finish is natural enough. However I like the Black Label more cos it has a more natural finish, Silver Label can be a bit too dry/matte! Came with 2 satchets of the Silver label, a 30ml miniature of the Whitening Water Drop (which I adore as well, it's great for moisturizing and calms the redness my skin has been experiencing lately), a Pore Medic sheet mask, and a 5,000 won coupon to be used in any of the physical Korea stores, valid till Dec 2011. Also came with a brochure listing their products. Shipping was super quick, I ordered Sunday evening, it finished domestic shipping by Tuesday morning? Hehe I made use of a 20% Beauty VIP coupon for the category foundations I think? Plus Dr Jart+ was having a promotion so it cost 17,000 won if I recall correctly.

I'm going to order a bunch more stuff from Dr Jart+, which I shall review again when it comes! The Vitalaser series (:

Here's the current batch of BB creams I'm trying to finish. I've finished up a Dr Jart Black label, Liole Water Drop. BRTC's almost finishing, but it has no SPF so I'm not using it as often anymore. The Hanskin's almost gone as well. But I can't use it anymore cos I got tanner over summer and it's too white for me now T_T I really loved it, coverage was great. For now my fave is the Silver Label, followed by Banila Co's Let Me Bebe, comes in a hygienic pump tube, I got it from Gmarket a few months ago!

So that's it this time round. Next time shall be my Dr Jart haul! ♥ xoxo


  1. Hi

    Can I check with you whether you have the exact links of the kyung hee workbooks or do you know what I should type in the search bar to search for it on gmarket? thanks.

  2. Links for workbooks:
    Beginner's I (혼자 공부하는 한국어 초급 I)
    Beginner's II (혼자 공부하는 한국어 초급 II)
    Intermediate I (혼자 공부하는 한국어 중급 I)
    Intermediate II (혼자 공부하는 한국어 중급 II)
    As seen in the picture in the post, the title is "혼자 공부하는 한국어".

    Links for textbooks:
    Beginner's I (한국어 초급I)
    Beginner's II (한국어 초급II)
    Intermediate I (한국어 중급I)
    Intermediate II (한국어 중급II)
    Advanced I (한국어 고급I)
    Advanced II (한국어 고급II)
    The English title for the textbooks is "Exploring Korean".

    However, I don't know whether the links still work or whether the books are still in stock.

    1. thanks so much :D i will try out the links ^^

  3. I'm sorry I just saw this blog >< and I want to know about combine shipping on gmarket. For the tax declare EMS paper on the box, does it just including the amount of the first one order we placed, or it's written all the invoice of the things we order (include the first and second payment)
    I hope you can understand my English.. Haha thank you so much