Monday, October 18, 2010

JYJ Showcase!

Fangirl-time! Well, semi-fangirly, I'm not a crazy fangirl haha ^^ So, I've been a DBSK fan since 2004, and they've never performed in Singapore T_T I can't remember how many petitions and fan projects I've participated in hoping they'd be able to come. Anyway, after 6 long years, they finally came, as JYJ!

No, I wasn't able to get ANY photos of them at the airport cos there were mobs of crazier fangirls haha.

My ticket~ Block AA1, Row B, Seat 14. Basically it's two rows from the side of the stage, at the end near the backstage area. Bad cos I was 2 seats away from where the usher was standing so no sneaky fancam-ing, but good cos I had a good view of the stairs where the boys went up and down the stage. And I was only 7m away from where they stood! Jaejoong looks flawless even when he's tired. Poor boys must be exhausted doing 3 showcases in 3 days! Plus all the press cons they had to attend and flying here and there. Hope they rested well after!

Since the airport was one stop away from the Expo where the showcase was gonna be held, I figured I'd just go there to wait. I was within the first 5 people in the queue till late-arriving friends of the people in front of me cut and sat with their earlier-arriving friends. I guess it didn't bother me much cos tickets were seated anyway haha. I was there at 2:30pm, the doors were supposed to open at 6:30pm but only opened at 8pm. So I was 7m from stage and at the side where they go on/off stage, so I saw them a lot! And they looked/moved over to my side a lot too ♥ Showcase ended up starting at 9. But totally didn't mind, I had quite a good view!

One picture right after entering the venue. Anyway, who needs pictures/videos when they were right in front of me! The boys are really a lot better live and in person Their voices were so good, some of the time I was just closing my eyes and listening to them sing. But of course since finally they were standing in front of me after soooo many years I had to stare...and stare and their awe-inspiring presences. Yuchun was totally rocking the long tied-up hair! And he was super smiley despite looking tired. And he is such a sweet-talker hehe. They had a talk session and Micky was the only one answering in English. His English speaking-voice is soooo hot the translator was lousy though, could so obviously tell he didn't translate very well. They were sitting host,YC, JJ, JS, translator, so JaeChun soulmate moments! Chun was like Jae's private translator haha while Junsu was stuck with the translator. And Chun kept pushing Jae to answer qns. For intros Jaejoong was like 'How are you? I am JJ!' in English. So cutee ♥♥ Then he switched to Korean haha! They didn't sell the photobook or lightsticks like in the Seoul showcase :( Just CDs/posters. 찾았다 and Empty were amazing ♥♥♥ Their vocals never cease to amaze me, which is why I can go on and on watching their concert DVDs just cos their live voices sound better than their recorded ones. Actually everything was great, just seeing them so close and hearing their voices live! ♥♥♥ すごく感動した。 They never cease to amaze me with their sincerity and their effort, despite seeming really tired, they still gave it their all and put on a great performance. Their love for their fans is amazing and I'm really proud of them for having the courage to stand up for their dreams.

I don't think i could ever bring myself to scream for anyone else, not enough history. Bigbang maybe, Shinhwa maybe, FT Island probably not, SNSD probably not. But DBSK always and forever definitely yes ♥

Jaejoong had huuge eyebags but his skin was flawless, my heart skipped a (ok like 500000) beats when he was facing my side dancing/singing the Empty remix ♥♥♥ Why does he always look so good? While dancing the Empty remix on my side he really was looking at the crowd, looking at the faces of the fans who came to see them. After all these years he's still the same ^^ He was a bit quiet though so they must be really tired. Poor guys. Out of Junsu's outfit I like the last one most haha. It was the most casual/un-costumey. Cos for the opening, which Jae and Micky were wearing white suits (which they totally rocked), Junsu was wearing a...white frilly halter :/ But he was really cute when he talked, though the translator and MC made the atmosphere weird :/ Chun was wearing a black baggy thing that ended up falling to one side and exposing his left shoulder hehe.

However I must say that the organization/management of the showcase was really bad. Feel really bad for the boys as well. I know a lot of people were unhappy with ticketing issues and how they had a 60-40 sectioning of VIP tickets to local and international fans? What country does that!! I thought the whole point of bringing in an artist into your country was so locals could have access to see them. Plus the delay of transport and unprofessional translator and delays of everything and etc. Well, I do have a lot of complaints about the organization but everyone else is of pretty much the same opinion so I shalln't be repetitive ^^

Anyway, they were selling the CDs, they had 100 copies of the luxury edition and being one of the first few in line I was able to get one~ They were it for $90 and a bundle of luxury+normal for $100 so I got the bundle, got two posters too.

The front of the box, it really looks and feels luxurious~

The backs, embossed lettering and tracklist ♥

One of the posters happily up on my wall, the other's safely kept away for emergency ^^

Contents of the luxury edition! Comes with a photobook, 16 good quality glossy photo cards, a T-shirt and of course the CD, in the pretty black 25cm x 25cm box.

Luxury ed with normal ed (made in Singapore, not the Korean normal ed T_T)

The small poster they were selling with the lightstick at the venue. I have two of these, one's a backup in case of emergencies! Hehe and a GG lookalike If you realized, this is a backdated post ^^ Cos JYJ only started tweeting after BKK/SG/KL showcase. And GG only started appearing in Jae's tweets after. I got my GG lookalike from Gmarket!

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