Friday, August 13, 2010

Tiramisus ~ ♥♥

Yumyumyum, tiramisu is one of my absolute favorite desserts! So while in Italy this summer, I must've had it at least once every day/other day! But sadly after we left Italy and head west to France and Spain, no more tiramisus for me T_T

Tiramisu from a cafe near our hotel in Rome, a bit dry? I think it was 5euros?

Dinner at Monaco, 7-8euros? But it was good (: Not overly creamy, enough cake and rum.

7.50eurods I think? But it's too creamy for my liking/not enough cake.

Pompi tiramisu from Rome! Pompi, il Regno del Tiramisu, Pompi - the King of Tiramisu. The cafe/bar, Pompi, is near Re di Roma station, and serves mostly desserts. The prices are reasonable, around 4euros each? The tiramisu comes in a 300g serving and mmmmm it's heavenly! I love this type of tiramisu texture!

Closeup of Pompi's tiramisu!

They also have a strawberry tiramisu! Using strawberries instead of coffee. Great as well but I prefer traditional coffee tiramisu (: They also have a banana one I believe?

Tiramisu from a geleteria near the Piazza di Spagna in Rome. 4.50euro. Not that great, for one I hate whipped cream, and secondly the cake was too dry.

Ice cream tiramisu from Roma Termini station. 3euro?

Wonderful tiramisu from an eatery in Venice! It was great! It was part of a set lunch, which was also delicious and very worth it.

First tiramisu we had in Rome, across the street from the monument of Vittorio Emanuele. 5euros? Comes in a chocolate coated waffle.

Not from Rome but tiramisu from Bakerzin in Singapore. Dry, small serving.

Tiramisu from Cova (Italian eatery in Singapore).

Tiramisu from Dome (Singapore). Didn't taste like tiramisu though :/

Tiramisu from Gusttimo (Italian eatery from Korea), heavenly! Left side is the tiramisu cake, and right side is tiramisu icecream.

Shop display in Florence.

Pastry display in Venice.

Another in Venice.

Oh-so-wonderful Laduree macarons in Monaco! So flavorful and perfecttexture. 7.5euros for 4.

A cute porcupine cake in Barcelona haha.

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