Monday, October 31, 2011

LE Dolly Wink Mascara+Eyeliner Sets & New Lineup Preview

Dolly Wink has churned out yet another round of limited edition goodies with LE packaging/designs. Round 1 was the lash set + LE purple lash case, round 2 was the eyeliners + LE purple sharpeners, and this time it's a mascara + LE matching liquid eyeliner sets~ I do like the color scheme of these, if only the regular liquid liners were of these designs!

Each set retails for 1,575yen after tax.
Normally, the mascara alone is 1,575yen while the eyeliner is 945yen.
So basically when you get this set, the eyeliner is free, and comes in a limited edition pretty design that matches the mascara tube!

Pink Set: Long Mascara + Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black
This mascara was ranked #2 in 2011 on

Purple Set: Volume Mascara + Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black.

According to Tsubasa, the 2011 F/W Dolly Wink collection of new lashes and eyebrow products is slated to come out sometime in November~! No actual pictures of products yet, but if you look hard enough you can get a faint glimpse of them from a couple of pictures she posted on her blog! A while ago there was a launch event for the media I guess, and that's where the pictures came from. The following 2 pictures are from Tsubasa's blog.

Squint at the bottom right corner! (Original photo)
I *think* it's 2 of the new lashes in the top row,
the brow pencils/brow mascara in the bottom row,
and looks like the purple lash case will be part of the lineup?

Cropped because the rest of the photo was irrelevant^^ (Original photo)
Looks to be the brow pencils, brow mascara and new lashes!

Can't wait to see actual product photos of the new lash designs and brow products!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Worlds Prettiest Manhole Covers ♥

This is random, I did think I posted pictures of these but apparently I haven't^^ Anyway manhole covers? Yes, they can be pretty, and I think Japan has THE most beautiful manhole covers I have ever seen

In most countries they're just plain slabs of metal, no unique design, no colors. Just boring manhole covers. But, Japan's manhole covers are different! Each and every city has different manhole cover designs, with different colors and stories behind the designs.

When I went to Chubu, I was in the mountains most of the time, so I did not get to see many manhole covers. But lucky for me when I went to Nagoya I decided to check out the Sewage Science Hall (not a weird choice, I'm an environmental engineering major!), where they displayed various manhole covers from all over Japan. Here're some I took pictures of:

Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
Depicting a "scene" from Heike Monogatari, a story on the struggle between the Taira and Minamoto clans for power over Japan in the 12th century.

Nara City, Nara Prefecture
Deer; they roam free in the city!

Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Higo tsubaki (Higo camellia), the flower symbol of the city.

Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture
Of a man doing Fuuryuu Odori (type of dance) at the Oidensai, a local festival.

Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Sagisou (white egret flower), the flower symbol of the city.

Iida City, Nagano Prefecture
Apples, a produce the city is famous for.

There were actually a whole lot of them (it *is* called the Sewage Science Hall)
But I didn't take pictures of each and every manhole cover I saw, just the more colorful ones.
I do think that the ones featured here are really old though!

And the one you've probably already seen, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture.
Temari, a local traditional craft.

When it's daylight these things just catch your eye as you walk along the sidewalks!
So if you're ever in Japan, be sure look out for the city's unique manhole cover :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Souvenirs from Matsumoto ♥

Remember around 2 months ago I went to Chubu/Hokuriku? One of the places I visited was Matsumoto. After coming back The Straits Times asked for a short write-up, and it came out in the papers a couple of weeks ago.

They asked for a picture as well, all the pictures I had of myself from the trip were self-shots...because I was travelling alone^^ This is one of the less obvious ones I think, at least my arm isn't showing :P The castle in the picture is Matsumoto Castle.

Anyway, sometime late in September, I was notified that the Matsumoto Convention and Tourism Association wanted to pass me a souvenir at the coming Japan Travel & Food Fair. I was quite surprised, wondering why they'd do that, as I didn't recall meeting anyone in Matsumoto, but thought that was such a random and nice gesture.

With the representative from the Matsumoto Convention and Tourism Association, Mr Y.

I don't think I can convey how touched I was by their very kind and thoughtful gesture. I certainly didn't do anything to deserve it, but it was really nice of them to specially give me a souvenir!

With the lovely folks at the Shinshuu/Matsumoto booth at the Japan Travel & Food Fair.

A little FYI about the 3 posters in the background:
from left to right they're of Norikura Kougen, Matsumoto City and Kamikouchi.
Mwahahaha I've been to 2 of the 3, they're all beautiful places!

The beautiful souvenir, Matsumoto oshie (松本押絵)!
This lovely lady currently graces my bedroom wall.

Close-up, the details are gorgeous
It's a traditional, handmade, semi-3D craft;
made using different pieces of cloth, which are stuffed, shaped and arranged.
The lady in the artwork is holding a temari, a local traditional craft of Matsumoto.

Temari on a manhole cover I saw while in Matsumoto.

A mini temari keychain I bought while in Matsumoto.

Mr Y found out I was a fan of One Piece and got these as well!
One Piece figures, Shinsekai version~
I was really very touched by this, along with the letter they wrote.
Thank you very much for your kindness Matsumoto

There are 8 different types, each one comes with a character and a bonus part.
When you gather all 8 types, you can combine the bonus parts to make Franky.
The ones I got were Robin and Brook~

Robin and Brook along with the Luffy, Zoro and Franky figures I recently bought
Excuse the photo quality, this came from my phone^^

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Food fairs!

This weekend there was a Japan Travel and Food Fair at Takashimaya Basement 2. It was mostly travel booths and city information booths, but there was a food section, and Isetan nearby was having a food fair too~

$100/box Ouka grapes from Matsumoto
They (the samples) were yummy!
So perfectly round and juicy.
The flesh was sooo soft.

Heshiko from Fukui.

Didn't get pictures, but there was also a delicious-looking $60 Hida beef bento, lots of varieties of sake, Hokkaido soft serve ice cream, seaweed soup~

At the Isetan fair, we saw lots of noodles.
This is u-men (pronounced oo-men, not yu-men!)

This was really good!
We bought the noodles, but the sauce was sold out :(
I think the sauce was what made it really tasty!

Dessert/novelty dorayaki with oodles of sweet-treat fillings instead of the regular red bean.

Assortment of flavored crackers, beans and nuts.
There were flavors like prawn, scallop, seaweed etc.

Soups and ramen!

They brand every piece with their branding iron; see the smoke!

The chef.
Lotsa novel flavors like Fuji apple, Hokkaido melon, almond cream, vanilla custard~

"Kin no mame"

We got the melon-flavored one!

Different types of tamagoyaki (fried egg) dishes.
I looove tamagoyaki, for some reason it just tastes really good.
I prefer the slightly salty kind over the sweet kind (:

Dinner was Japanese fish and chips from Fish&Co

So happy to be able to eat regular food now!
Last week I had 4 wisdon teeth removed, so my whole jaw became swollen and all I could eat was soup and porridge for the whole week! :( But now I can have delicious stuff hurray~

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shibuya Gals Makeup Corner at Watsons

Finally, Dolly Wink products will be "permanently" available at selected Watsons outlets Through their new "Shibuya Gals" makeup corners, calling themselves "Singapore's only dedicated Gyaru makeup corner".

Well...I don't quite agree with that statement, the only products in their line-up so far are Dolly Wink, Fairydrops and random partial wigs that are quite dark... Though I love Dolly Wink, please bring in Diamond Lash! Or lighter colored wigs please, dark ones like these are easily and cheaply available on Gmarket^^

Anyway, below are the prices of the products, typed out for your convenience~

Eyelash No.1 Dolly Sweet S$24.90
Eyelash No.2 Sweet Girly S$24.90
Eyelash No.3 Natural Girly S$24.90
Eyelash No.4 Feminine Style S$24.90
Eyelash No.5 Real Nude S$24.90
Eyelash No.6 Baby Cute S$24.90
Eyelash No.7 Vivid Pop S$24.90
Eyelash No.8 Pure Little S$24.90
Eyelash Fix S$16.90
Eyelash Case S$9.90
Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black) S$24.90
Pencil Eyeliner (Black, Brown) S$17.50
Volume Mascara S$29.90
Eyeshadow 01 Brown S$32.90
Eyeshadow 02 Gray Pink S$32.90
Eyeshadow 03 Blue Orange S$32.90
Eyeshadow 04 Green Pink S$32.90
Cream Eyeshadow 01 Gold S$19.90
Cream Eyeshadow 02 Crystal S$19.90
Nail Polishes S$12.90

Volume Burst Mascara WP S$27.90
Creamy Treatment Mascara S$23.90
Platinum Mascara WP S$34.90
Jelly Gloss Crystal S$23.90
Jelly Gloss Nude Beige S$23.90
Jelly Gloss Pink S$23.90
Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder (Dark Ochre)S$36.90
Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder (Gold Bronzer)S$36.90
Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder (Ochre)S$36.90
Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder (Sparkle)S$36.90
Candy Bar BB Cream (Light Ochre) S$45.90
Candy Bar BB Cream (Ochre) S$45.90

Fringe Wig S$21.90
Fringe Wig S$21.90
Bun Wig S$12.90
Bun Wig S$12.90
Neckline Extensions Curled (Caramel)S$23.90
Neckline Extensions Curled (Melon) S$23.90
Neckline Extensions Straight (Caramel) S$23.90
Neckline Extensions Straight (Melon) S$23.90

Shibuya Gals makeup corners can be found in 9 Watsons stores:
さくらんぼ Bugis Junction
さくらんぼ Bukit Panjang Plaza
さくらんぼ Compass Point
さくらんぼ Jurong Point
さくらんぼ Ngee Ann City
さくらんぼ Parkway Parade
さくらんぼ Tampines One
さくらんぼ Toa Payoh Hub
さくらんぼ Vivo City

Monday, October 3, 2011

Paris Kids ♥

Paris Kids stocks a cornucopia of cute accessories,
be it earrings, necklaces, hair accessories, bracelets, straps etc,
and everything's 315yen!

Paris Kids has only one store, at Harajuku's Takeshita Doori.
It's on the left side, near the beginning of the street when you exit from Harajuku station.

Their shopping bag looks like this.

First haul!
Super big black bow, floral scrunchie, faux pearl necklace,
pink chiffon flower clips, plastic flowery bow handphone strap,
teardrop necklace, beige hair clip, "love" clip-on earrings.
I really like the plastic handphone strap!

Second haul!
Heart-shaped keychain with rosette and blinged bow details!
Clip-on mini straw hat, sakura hair clip, lace headband/neck ribbon.

When I first bought these, I didn't realize they were clip-ons :(
I really like the design, but clip-ons are kind of painful for me,
it's like squeezing your ear lobe :/

Bow bracelet

Teardrop and bow necklace

Clip-on mini straw hat
Love the pink flowers and the lace!

There are two clips underneath, on on each side~

Beige hair clip.
I like filigree designs


Lace headband/neck ribbon.
I guess you could wear this on your head or around your neck!

They update their range of items in the store pretty quickly,
so if you step into the store and see something you like,
you'd better grab it while you can (:

The quality is pretty decent, none of the items I've bought have broken yet^^

Paris Kids has a Rakuten store if you wanna see more of what their accessories look like.
It actually seems that their online store has more variety than the physical store.
However, it does not ship overseas directly :(
But it's still nice to browse though!