Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dolly Wink Limited Edition ♥ Round 2

They've been out for a while, but here's introducing "Round 2" of the Dolly Wink Summer 2011 Limited Edition items~

"Round 1" was the Kobe Collection LE Lashes+Lash case set, which recently became available in Singapore. However, any hopes of Part 2 reaching our shores may have to wait quite a while!

This round of limited edition items are the eyeliners~ Liquid and pencils
As usual, packaging is gorgeous~

And if anyone's curious, Dolly Wink's manufacturer/maker, Koji, is listed as brand that does not do animal testing, on a list compiled by JAVA (Japanese Anti-Vivisection Association). This classification includes no testing for ingredients/raw materials as well as the final product.

(Please don't start asking me to translate the list or whether xxx brand is non-animal testing etc. The list is a compilation of manufacturers, not brands. If you're able to make out the manufacturer of the brand, then you should be able to make out whether it tests or not. FYI, "bigger" makers like Shiseido, Kanebo, Kao and Kose are not on the list.)

Dolly Wink Limited Edition Liquid Eyeliner Deep Black
Limited edition hot pink packaging~
This retails for 1,260yen, same as the regular liquid eyeliner.

Dolly Wink Limited Edition Pencil Eyeliner Sets

These consist of Dolly Wink Pencil Eyeliners and a Sharpener in Limited Edition purple~
Same color as the Limited Edition Lash Case from the Last Set
The heart-shaped sharpener is sooo cute!
This retails for 1,050yen.
(a pretty good deal as the pencils are 945yen while the sharpener's 420yen)

Dolly Wink Limited Edition Pencil Eyeliner Black

Dolly Wink Limited Edition Pencil Eyeliner Brown

Dolly Wink's website states that only 700,000 pieces were made, though it's not clear whether this number refers to pieces per design or pieces in total.


  1. I'd love to try the new limited edition liners! But I highly doubt it will ever make it's way here, my best bet is probably ebay lol but then again I'll probably be charged triple of what they're priced at ><

  2. I love Dolly Wink products~ I want these LE eyeliner pencils! <3<3

  3. @suki pooki ♥
    Do they sell the regular liners where you live? The LE part is just the packaging/color of sharpener, so if you don't mind the regular version/packaging the product's still the same (: I've never actually used Dolly Wink's liners other than swatching them, but the cute packaging makes me want to get these~!

    @PopBlush ♥
    I love Dolly Wink products too! ♥ (more like their packaging :D) Though I must admit I'm more in love with their eye stuff range over the shadows/polishes^^


  4. I reaaally want to get this!
    Please let me know if this available in singapore, coz maybe I'll fly there to get this! :D

  5. @cominica-ai ♥
    Hey dear, sure, I'll let you know if it ever becomes available (: However I think it'll take awhile! The round 1 Lash Set came out end-April in Japan, and only came to Singapore end-June. The round 2 liners came out end-June in Japan, so if ever maybe end-Aug/Sep in Singapore? ^^