Monday, July 18, 2011

Shiroi Koibito ♥ 白い恋人

From the title, you can probably already tell that this is gonna be about the ever delightful Shiroi Koibito~ Shiroi Koibito translates to "White Lover". It's a star product of Hokkaido, usually available only in Hokkaido, but thankfully it's sold in Narita Airport! Hokkaido is well-known for its dairy products, and that being said, the white chocolate filling in Shiroi Koibito will make you fall in love with it~ It's love at first bite!

The display at Narita Airport's Duty Free.
Shiroi Koibito is produced by Ishiya.

The tins come in various sizes, some have just the original white chocolate version, others are mixed with the milk chocolate filling.

Video showing how Shiroi Koibito is made - how they make the chocolate, how they make the langue de chat wafers and how they're wrapped and packaged. (If you can't see the play buttons, right click the video and click play, do this twice or until Japanese words appear on the screen. Click the arrow beside the words.)

Shiroi Koibito is a must-get for me every time I get the chance to.

This is the largest tin with 54 pieces - 36 white chocolate ones and 18 milk chocolate ones.

After unwrapping the dark blue wrapper, there's a white box.

Japanese products are always so beautifully wrapped!

Inside the box, the pretty tin!

The original Shiroi Koibito is the white chocolate version, hence the "chocolat blanc et langue de chat" printed everywhere, it's French for "white chocolate and cat's tongue biscuit". Langue de chat/lengua de gato/cat's tongue is a type of thin, crisp buttery cookie, they're really delicious even on their own!

Inside the tin.
The dark blue ones have a white chocolate filling,
the white ones have a milk chocolate filling.

The two types!

I love love loooove the white chocolate Shiroi Koibito!

Each bite is heavenly, a single piece is never enough, you'll keep reaching for more!

The langue de chat is thin, crumbles in your mouth, and the chocolate melts into a smooth, creamy texture. Combined together, they are heavenly!

These aren't overly sweet, and the chocolate isn't cloying, almost everyone who's tried it will agree that one is never enough!

Each piece has the manufacturing date and expiry date printed on.

The milk chocolate version.

I'm seriously amazed at how the chocolate didn't melt, each and every piece still retained its straight square edges!

Sometimes these are sold at Isetan or Takashimaya in Singapore, but they sell out soooo quickly that I'm never able to get my hands on them :(((

If you ever get the chance to, you really should try out Shiroi Koibito ☆


  1. I love shiroi koibito too! really addictive :) too bad they're a bit pricey.

  2. @Adeline ♥
    Haha yeah, but it's only one box every other year or so, so I don't mind I guess (:


  3. We are selling Shiroi Koibito in the US.
    Please visit our website for more information.