Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fancy Pocket is great on the pockets! ♥

Introducing Fancy Pocket~
It sells mostly hair accessories produced by Sunhoseki.
They also sell items for decorating bags, keychains, stickers, deco goods.
This store is the one on Takeshita Doori in Harajuku.
It's located on the 2nd floor so you have to climb up spiral stairs.

The interior is an inviting pink, just welcoming you grab more and more! You might think that it's targeted at younger middle school kids, but adults can find things they like as well! They have lots of cute stuff (: You'll often see mums and daughters shopping here together, or groups of young schoolgirls shopping together.

Section by the window (where the girl with the backpack is) is where they have tubs and tubs full of moco moco (fluffy material) pompom hair ties! In a variety of different colors~ I was tempted to get all cos they're really cheap, but I knew I wouldn't use all the colors so...I restrained myself. On hindsight, I should've just gotten them!

(Small) bunch of hair accessories I got on my first visit~

The shopping bag is pink!
And has lotsa cute little motifs on it (:
Bears, bows, musical notes~

Stuff I bought the first time I went there! 18 items!

The mini pompom hair ties were....only 30yen (US $0.37)each!
Larger ones were 50yen each!
Big fluffball hair tie was also 30yen each!
Leopard print usamimi was 190yen.
Hairbands were around 200yen each.

See how amazingly awesome this store is~ :D

The stuff I bought the second time I went to the store.
(Yes, I haaad to go back on my last day to hoard more items!)

The scarves were only 160yen(black) and 320yen(white)!
The small polka-dot bow clips were 100yen!
The hard plastic ribbon clips were 360yen, they're really pretty!
The big polka-dot bow clip was 220yen.

These are badges to pin onto your bag to decorate it (:
But the floral bow has a clip on it too, so you can put it in your hair~
These were 190yen each. And they're quite big!

I had this obsession with moco moco items,
I really love how soft and colorful they are!

The 3 on the left column are from a 100yen store in Ikebukuro. In the middle column, the top bunch is from Fancy Pocket, the middle one, from Pink Latte. It's my favorite cos it has a pink satin bow and a gold heart charm on it too! But a tad pricey at 630yen. Pink Latte has loads of cute hair accessories, but they're quite pricey. The quality if good though, and the pompoms are dense and beautifully round! The bottom one is from SBY. This has the largest and fluffiest poms! The right column is all from Fancy Pocket!

My lovely moco moco family stuffed in a pouch. (I was packing my luggage and they all fit nicely!)

Granted the quality is not excellent, but it's decent and won't fall apart ☆


  1. I'm a new follower of yours, I don't remember how I stumbled upon your blog but I realized we have a lot of the same interests! :D

    I remember seeing ads for Fancy Pocket in my chuugakusei magazines when I was younger, but despite how many times I've gone to Takeshita Doori I never went! lol
    It's great to see how cheap those accessories are and makes me want to go back, but that definitely won't be until after I graduate from university (which is like in Winter 2012 bleh). Definitely reading your posts with envy!

  2. Soooo cute! I love fluffy pompom hair ties, wish they sold them here!!! >< I'd love to visit this store if I ever go to Japan. Are there shops of these in other cities?

  3. @D~tan ♥
    Hello~! :D Always glad to get to know more people with similar interests (:

    I remember seeing Sunhoseki ads at the back of almost every issue of...Seventeen (which loved as a chuugakusei hahaha), but was so bummed that it appeared to be a mail-order/internet-order thing! :( I really used to like the kanzashi style accessories they used to advertise for summer! But I kinda forgot about it for years until I randomly Google-d Sunhoseki recently^^

    @Kayla ♥
    From their website, there appears to 23 Fancy Pocket stores in total across Japan (:
    Other than Tokyo, there are stores in the Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Miyaki, Yamanashi and Kagawa prefectures~

  4. Wow so incredibly cheap and adorable. Adding this to my list of shops to go to in tokyo, thanks