Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Food fairs!

This weekend there was a Japan Travel and Food Fair at Takashimaya Basement 2. It was mostly travel booths and city information booths, but there was a food section, and Isetan nearby was having a food fair too~

$100/box Ouka grapes from Matsumoto
They (the samples) were yummy!
So perfectly round and juicy.
The flesh was sooo soft.

Heshiko from Fukui.

Didn't get pictures, but there was also a delicious-looking $60 Hida beef bento, lots of varieties of sake, Hokkaido soft serve ice cream, seaweed soup~

At the Isetan fair, we saw lots of noodles.
This is u-men (pronounced oo-men, not yu-men!)

This was really good!
We bought the noodles, but the sauce was sold out :(
I think the sauce was what made it really tasty!

Dessert/novelty dorayaki with oodles of sweet-treat fillings instead of the regular red bean.

Assortment of flavored crackers, beans and nuts.
There were flavors like prawn, scallop, seaweed etc.

Soups and ramen!

They brand every piece with their branding iron; see the smoke!

The chef.
Lotsa novel flavors like Fuji apple, Hokkaido melon, almond cream, vanilla custard~

"Kin no mame"

We got the melon-flavored one!

Different types of tamagoyaki (fried egg) dishes.
I looove tamagoyaki, for some reason it just tastes really good.
I prefer the slightly salty kind over the sweet kind (:

Dinner was Japanese fish and chips from Fish&Co

So happy to be able to eat regular food now!
Last week I had 4 wisdon teeth removed, so my whole jaw became swollen and all I could eat was soup and porridge for the whole week! :( But now I can have delicious stuff hurray~


  1. Wow. Everything looks so yummy! :)

  2. Hey karisa, haven't commented in a while, I was too busy rushing to the kanebo counter to pass through the basement! I always thought they have similar things for the food fairs in the basement so I usually don't bother to look...

    Btw have you tried the ramen competition in illuma? The black Soyu was way too salty for me (it's more like a dipping sauce than soup!) and I saw lots of Japanese businessman eating the garlic/beansprout one (which I thought is too garlicy for Japanese people!) quite interested to find out which ramen Japanese people favour

    I think happie magazine is giving out nature is lovely lashes as their magazine freebie? Not sure as I can't read Japanese and another tote bag was also featured. The cover page is super sexy and I'll be embarrassed to bring it to the cashier :X

  3. @Marion ♥
    The samples were really goood!

    Nope I haven't tried Ramen Competition, I'm more of an udon person^^

    Hahaha I've bought that issue of Happie Nuts, the freebie is a makeup pouch. The pages on eyelashes is actually for a lucky draw event of sorts open for their (Japanese) readers^^

    ♥ Karisa

  4. everythings looks scrumptious, the fish & chips seem interesting!!!

    CMPang x

  5. @Mai ♥
    Ooh, the fish&chips were good :D The fish was stuffed with furikake and cheese (I forgot which kind but not too heavy), and served with shreds of seaweed on top~

    ♥ Karisa