Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shibuya Gals Makeup Corner at Watsons

Finally, Dolly Wink products will be "permanently" available at selected Watsons outlets Through their new "Shibuya Gals" makeup corners, calling themselves "Singapore's only dedicated Gyaru makeup corner".

Well...I don't quite agree with that statement, the only products in their line-up so far are Dolly Wink, Fairydrops and random partial wigs that are quite dark... Though I love Dolly Wink, please bring in Diamond Lash! Or lighter colored wigs please, dark ones like these are easily and cheaply available on Gmarket^^

Anyway, below are the prices of the products, typed out for your convenience~

Eyelash No.1 Dolly Sweet S$24.90
Eyelash No.2 Sweet Girly S$24.90
Eyelash No.3 Natural Girly S$24.90
Eyelash No.4 Feminine Style S$24.90
Eyelash No.5 Real Nude S$24.90
Eyelash No.6 Baby Cute S$24.90
Eyelash No.7 Vivid Pop S$24.90
Eyelash No.8 Pure Little S$24.90
Eyelash Fix S$16.90
Eyelash Case S$9.90
Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black) S$24.90
Pencil Eyeliner (Black, Brown) S$17.50
Volume Mascara S$29.90
Eyeshadow 01 Brown S$32.90
Eyeshadow 02 Gray Pink S$32.90
Eyeshadow 03 Blue Orange S$32.90
Eyeshadow 04 Green Pink S$32.90
Cream Eyeshadow 01 Gold S$19.90
Cream Eyeshadow 02 Crystal S$19.90
Nail Polishes S$12.90

Volume Burst Mascara WP S$27.90
Creamy Treatment Mascara S$23.90
Platinum Mascara WP S$34.90
Jelly Gloss Crystal S$23.90
Jelly Gloss Nude Beige S$23.90
Jelly Gloss Pink S$23.90
Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder (Dark Ochre)S$36.90
Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder (Gold Bronzer)S$36.90
Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder (Ochre)S$36.90
Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder (Sparkle)S$36.90
Candy Bar BB Cream (Light Ochre) S$45.90
Candy Bar BB Cream (Ochre) S$45.90

Fringe Wig S$21.90
Fringe Wig S$21.90
Bun Wig S$12.90
Bun Wig S$12.90
Neckline Extensions Curled (Caramel)S$23.90
Neckline Extensions Curled (Melon) S$23.90
Neckline Extensions Straight (Caramel) S$23.90
Neckline Extensions Straight (Melon) S$23.90

Shibuya Gals makeup corners can be found in 9 Watsons stores:
さくらんぼ Bugis Junction
さくらんぼ Bukit Panjang Plaza
さくらんぼ Compass Point
さくらんぼ Jurong Point
さくらんぼ Ngee Ann City
さくらんぼ Parkway Parade
さくらんぼ Tampines One
さくらんぼ Toa Payoh Hub
さくらんぼ Vivo City


  1. Thanks for sharing this post and the price are so expensive.

  2. I wish I were able to buy makeupbrands like these here in Sweden... :<

  3. thanks for sharing, I want go to sg again to get fairy drops <3 and I wish I can get diamond lash in Singapore. lol