Monday, October 3, 2011

Paris Kids ♥

Paris Kids stocks a cornucopia of cute accessories,
be it earrings, necklaces, hair accessories, bracelets, straps etc,
and everything's 315yen!

Paris Kids has only one store, at Harajuku's Takeshita Doori.
It's on the left side, near the beginning of the street when you exit from Harajuku station.

Their shopping bag looks like this.

First haul!
Super big black bow, floral scrunchie, faux pearl necklace,
pink chiffon flower clips, plastic flowery bow handphone strap,
teardrop necklace, beige hair clip, "love" clip-on earrings.
I really like the plastic handphone strap!

Second haul!
Heart-shaped keychain with rosette and blinged bow details!
Clip-on mini straw hat, sakura hair clip, lace headband/neck ribbon.

When I first bought these, I didn't realize they were clip-ons :(
I really like the design, but clip-ons are kind of painful for me,
it's like squeezing your ear lobe :/

Bow bracelet

Teardrop and bow necklace

Clip-on mini straw hat
Love the pink flowers and the lace!

There are two clips underneath, on on each side~

Beige hair clip.
I like filigree designs


Lace headband/neck ribbon.
I guess you could wear this on your head or around your neck!

They update their range of items in the store pretty quickly,
so if you step into the store and see something you like,
you'd better grab it while you can (:

The quality is pretty decent, none of the items I've bought have broken yet^^

Paris Kids has a Rakuten store if you wanna see more of what their accessories look like.
It actually seems that their online store has more variety than the physical store.
However, it does not ship overseas directly :(
But it's still nice to browse though!

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