Thursday, March 31, 2011

찾았다! Sentimental Circus Stickers! ♥

Yessss! I found them! The Sentimental Circus stickers I've been longing for~ Last two packets at Takashimaya Basement 1 stationery section, I only got one ^^

There are 60 pieces in total, 12 designs, 5 pieces per design The stickers feature the various characters doing their acts

Even the backing's cute, it's supposed to resemble the stage

And...I also found this! Sticker sheet #2 for Palette's Sweet Street 2010 series~ Sadly I can't seem to find #3 anywhere. But I'm glad #2 is this, I really like the sweet houses and buildings design, with the details and words - boulangerie, restaurant, shoe shop, patisserie etc If only I could find the notebook in this design. I told myself not to get it last time but... I should've gotten it instead of the blue fancy font design ^^ Oh wells, but I found my Sentimental Circus stickers and unexpectedly this, so I'm happy enough

Will be posting Gmarket Tips 5 soon, hopefully it'll be helpful to you for when you're trawling for things to buy on Gmarket

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sentimental Circus Again

I went back to Kinokuniya as I really regretted not getting the loose stickers and wanted to get them. Sadly, the stickers were no longer available! Most of the Sentimental Circus collection is sold out at Kinokuniya in Ngee Ann City/not on display, however to my delight and relief the stationery section in Basement 1 of Takashimaya had a whole bunch of Sentimental Citcus items! However they did not have the stickers :(

This is what I came back with~ The memopad and large memopad in another design that I didn't see at Kinokuniya the last time. As well as 3 of the 4 available mini memopads. Also spotted two other post-it designs I previously did not see the clear one selling at Kinokuniya last week. And two more files, these have multiple sections~

The first design, I like the background detail - the design and colors, and how the pictures are layered Gives illusion of depth (: This one has 5 sections.

Second design! Love the background detail too, the hanging design and the layering This has 4 secctions.

There were 4 designs available for the mini notepads, but I didn't want to be an excessively greedy little hoarder ^^ Ended up with 3.

There are 2 designs per pad, 50 sheets per design.

I got this design cos I like the background detail of the first sheet and the curtain design of the second sheet (:

This is my favorite pad out of the bunch, I really like the second sheet for the pastel colors, design and detail. I also like the first sheet cos of the background, and the bright foreground adorned with the Circus characters.

The 6 designs of memosheets.

The other transparent post-it~ I did not see this in Kinokuniya, so I immediately got it when I saw it in Basement 1. I do prefer the other transparent design though!

I saw this at Kinokuniya the other day but didn't buy it, caved in and got it this time

All four post-it designs~ My favorite is still the top left!

Memopad~ I did not see this design in Kinokuniya the other day, so I immediately had to get this as well.

The sticker/seal sheet~

Pad has 5 designs, 20 sheets per design. I really like this sheet for the lace design at the bottom, the detail of the lines, the hanging design on the top and the cute characters!

I like the curtain design too!

3rd design.

The polka-dotted background is too cute! and the design at the bottom is sweet. And the detail at the top that's supposed to make the sheet look like it's in a spiral notebook ^^

5th sheet, I like the bottom left corner and the background detail!

The large memopad that Kinokuniya did not have. The size is good for letters~

This sheet is sweet, I like the striped background and the detail of the stripe. And the hanging detail and curtain~

2nd sheet.

3rd sheet.

4th sheet. This is definitely too dark to write on. And sadly, the other side of all the dark sheets are plain white.

My whole Sentimental Circus collection! :D I really really want the sticker, perhaps if I'm lucky I'll see them someday ^^ Magazine/file boxes were also available (in 2 designs) but I didn't get those. There was a letter set too in the black design.

Yes, lately I've been addicted to hauling stationery, actually I also got some Kireizukin Seikatu and Kutusita Nyanko items along with this, shall do another post soon. I really had to stop myself cos Kireizukin Seikatu is really sweet, and I spotted the older collections of that and Kutushita Nyanko being sold in Basement 1. I resisted and only got a few items but I really really want to get more, the designs are so lovely and the colors are sweet! The Kireizukin Seikatu notebooks especially TT

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fixed Broken Links

Just a short note to let you all know that I've fixed most of the broken links I could find from my older Gmarket posts from last year ^^ As ya'll know Gmarket has been upgrading and updating its English (and Korean) sites and inevitably some of the links have changed. Or due to seasonal changes some of the items might not be available anymore by the time you read my posts. So let me know if you see any broken links any I'll try to find their updated pages (if they have)! Or you can search the seller's name on Gmarket (:

Have a good night~

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Slice of Heaven! ♥

Pâtisserie Glacé's Strawberry Soufflé!
It's amazingly heavenly, the best strawberry soufflé/strawberry pâtisserie I've ever had: the strawberries were delicious, and the soufflé was super moist and tasty. And this is considering that I bought this at 3pm, carried it around town in my hand, (unwittingly swinging it and damaging/causing a side to flatten ^^) and only put it in the fridge at 1230am. Ate it at 2am and it was still surprisingly amazing. I ate it sooo slowly, dreading the fact that with eat bite taken was a bite closer to its disappearance TT

Their baumkuchen is yummy too! Sweet and moist, not too oily/greasy. I. NEED. MORE!!

I go to the Tanjong Pagar branch at Icon Village, and sadly they don't have a sit-in/dine-in area, it's just a stand/store front. But all their pâtisseries look sooo good. Shall try the montblanc next and grab another soufflé! Their pâtisseries are mostly French/Japanese fusion, hence they're quite light and easy to stomach, meaning you can buy and eat many at a go mwahahaha!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sentimental Circus Haul ♥

These weren't on display the first time I went to Kinokuniya last week, but when I returned on Wednesday these babies had a display on their own in the stationery section. Stock for Palette's Sweet Street was significantly less than on Monday, so if you ever see cute stationery on display, don't hesitate to grab them and go for it! Otherwise they'll be gone, though you could try the Liang Court branch, they usually have old stock of stationery, or B1 of Takashimaya, the stationery section (:

This time round, taking advantage of the 10% off stationery promotion, I hauled a bunch of stuff from the Sentimental Circus series. The design is whimsical and fun, quite unlike Palette's Sweet Street, but it's cute in its way and just drew me in

The first thing I saw was these cute post-its, the clear ones really sucked me in!

Close up! Pretty I love the use of colors and lace border at the bottom

The pink set. There's also another set in another color but I didn't get that.

Memo/notepad! This is the "main character" of the series.

At the back of the notepad there's an introduction of all the characters From top to bottom, Shappo the ringleader, Toto the juggler, Leo the ring-of-fire jumper, Mouton the acrobat, Mr Bear the cyclist, Kuro the ball walker, Pig and Mamo the flying trapeze artists, Pony the hurdler, Chick Ballerinas the ballerinas (:

The first page is a sheet of stickers

There are 5 designs in the pad, 25 sheets per design. This is the first, I like the details they give the characters~

This is the second design, The background is faded and features the various characters doings their acts The foreground is Ringmaster Shappo and the curtains~

Design #3, it's really cute, showing the characters doing various activities and I like the color mixture. But I don't think I can write on this cos there's no space/the colors are not light enough to write on? I'd probably cut strips to decorate stuff (:

Design number 4, they look like toys in a toybox, and I like the faint lace stripes in the background

5th design.

Also got both mini notebooks~ Super cute. The gold bits are holographic/reflect light prettily! There were also the regular A5 sized notebooks, but I chose not to get those cos the insides were plain/lacked color and detail. I'd only get Japanese notebooks with colored pages!

The insides of the 2 mini notebooks~ Not sure if you can see clearly, but the lines in the top one are actually dots and a swirly pattern, while the bottom one has alternating pink and purple lace stripes

I also got the bigger memo/notepad. This has no stickers and it's really more of a notepad. Good for writing letters, perfect size!

Design #1, it's horizontal and pink! Love the black lacey border at the top.

Design #2, not sure if you can see it, but the background has rows of faded pink and violet diamonds
3rd design, ovals of the characters at the top and bottom of the page with swirly lines running down the sides.
Final design
And the last item I got was the file It has the same design as the cover of the smaller memo pad (: I love the faded detail in the background.

There were also letter sets and stickers (the pre-cut individual kind with their own backing rather than all on a single sheet). If I ever see the stickers the next time I visit Kinokuniya/Takashimaya/anywhere I'll get them!