Tohoku ♥

This is an index of links for my posts on my trip to Tohoku under the Singapore Tohoku Youth Ambassadors/ Youth Ambassador for Tohoku program in August 2011, for easier navigation (: Alternatively, you could just look up posts under the label "tohoku" or "yat" 

   Youth Ambassador for Tohoku
   Afterthoughts on Tohoku, 5 months after 3.11
   Day 1: Tohoku Day 1
   Day 2: Hiraizumi Chuusonji ♥ 平泉中尊寺
   Day 2: Akita Kantou Festival 2011 ♥ 秋田竿燈祭り
   Day 2: Akita Kantou Festival Part II ♥ 秋田竿燈祭り II
   Day 3: Volunteering at Rikuzentakata ♥ 陸前高田
   Day 4: Sendai Tanabata Festival 2011 ♥ 仙台七夕祭り
   Day 4: Mega Chopper Doll~
   Day 4: Sendai Airport ♥ 仙台空港
   Day 5:
   Day 6:
   Sendai's Hagi no Tsuki