Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jill Stuart Stealing Hearts ♥

Jill Stuart never ceases to amaze me  As the years go by their coffrets get better and prettier, and the Stealing Hearts Holiday 2012 Coffret is by far one of their best ε(๑^ᴗ^๑)з I already love Jill Stuart's pinkness and sweet, feminine designs, but add on hearts and the smell of roses, and it's perfect!  

Not to mention, this year's coffret comes with full-sizes of both a face palette and eye palette, which is quite uncommon for Jill Stuart, and extremely worth the price. I was super blessed to have been gifted this as a birthday present, thank you friends! ♥ The Stealing Hearts Holiday 2012 Coffret contains: 

 Mix Face Powder Compact in 102 Charming Feline
 Powder puff with casing
 Jewel Crystal Eyes in 106 Captured Sardonyx
 Lip Jewel in 101 Kissy Thulite
 Crayon Liner in 02 Lush Black
 Satin pouch with lace frill details and snap-closure

Even the box is so pretty, with the blend of the different colored hearts all over. I love red, pink and hearts, and can't stop admiring how pretty hearts pattern on the covers of the palettes are! The stars of this collection are definitely the face powder and eyeshadow palette  

But I actually really love all the other items too, and forget what I said about the Secret Tease Collection, right now *THIS* to me is the prettiest and most usable holiday coffret that Jill Stuart has ever come up with, because everything it comes with is usable on a daily basis, and super pretty to boot! 

The Jewel Crystal Eyes in 106 Captured Sardonyx is an eyeshadow palette that consists of a shimmery white, rich gold, bright coral pink and deep brown. The colors are very usable and are suitable for daily wear. Unlike the palettes from the Dreamy Garden Collection, the colors for this palette have minimal glitter and sparkle bits, as the white and gold still have some. The coral and brown and are especially gorgeous These two colors have no glitter bits, the color is pigmented, and the finish is incredibly smooth and pearly.

The jewel and my favorite item of the entire collection: The Mix Face Powder Compact in 102 Charming FelineThis comes in the same compact/shape as the Mix Blush Compact, but instead of a blush, this is a face powder! ♥ It is described by Jill Stuart as a "Lightweight pressed powder with a radiant, luminous finish. Coordinated 4 colors blend softly to enhance skin tone for a silky smooth complexion.

There's a pretty heart pattern with the Jill Stuart "J" in white shimmer sprayed over the palette, but that comes off after a swipe. The colors left behind are a light beige, pink, yellow and orange, all with a pearly sheen, and when mixed they give a lovely, radiant glow to your face.  The powder contains wild rose extract and almond oil, and smells *amazing*. I love the smell of roses and this is truly lovely 

Since it is a pressed powder, instead of the goat-hair brush that Mix Blush compacts come with, the Mix Face Powder comes with a puff to apply the powder. The puff if super soft, and comes in a rubber/silicon case with the same pretty hearts pattern as the palettes 

As with all Jill Stuart holiday collections, there's gotta be a pouch/bag! And this year's one is a snap-closure satin pouch with lace frill details and a hanging "J" charm. The pouch is pretty roomy, and can easily store all the items in the collection and more! The dimensions are about 21.5 x 11 x 6cm. It fits my 3 Jewel Crystal Eyes palettes, 2 Mix Compact Blushes, 4 Petite Jelly Lip Glosses, 1 Jelly Eyecolor N, and the Crayon Eyeliner and Lip Jewel gloss from this collection.

The Lip Jewel in 101 Kissy Thulite is a coral-colored gloss with fine shimmers and a doe-foot wand. The consistency of the gloss is slightly thick and sticky, so it stays on your lips. The color is beautiful, with a   subtle jewel-like shimmer and shine finish. The sides of the wand have white hearts on them, and the top has a large crystal ♥ It has a wonderful rose smell, as do all the other items in this coffret.

The Crayon Eyeliner in 01 Lush Black is a waterproof, intense black pencil eyeliner. I've been trying it over the past few days, and it's rather smudge-proof as well! The cap has gorgeous details and patterns, and I don't think I can bear to sharpen the pencil as it gets shorter^^

All the Jill Stuart cosmetics in the coffret are made in Japan and contain moisturizing wild rose extract and almond oil. They not only look great, but also smell like a whiff of heaven; of roses, flowers and bliss ♥ According to the box, they expire 5 years after manufacturing, in September 2017.


  1. These look really cute! My late bf went to Taiwan and picked me up some really nice Jill Stuart stuff. I love the packaging. It isn't really accessible in Canada. >_<

  2. I want it!!! >.< I searched for all Spain and nothing with a good price T_T Soon I get this wonderful package! :)

  3. They are are sooo cute! I've never bought Jill Stuart products before. maybe I should buy one! :D

  4. めっちゃ似合うじゃん!!!<3

  5. Jill Stuart is so pretty!! =]
    I always look forward to drooling over their new collections =P