Monday, April 25, 2011

Jill Stuart Secret Tease ♥

When I first saw pictures of the 2010 holiday coffret, Secret Tease, I just knew I had to have it. A departure from the usually pink pink pink holiday coffrets, the extra black lace details really got me lemming for this really badly. Yes I love Jill Stuart's pinkness and sweet, feminine designs, but too much pink isn't my thing and I really am a sucker for lace designs.

The jewels for this collection (to me) were the lashes, blush and pouch! And all the other items I now love too, so to me it's the prettiest and most usable holiday coffret Jill Stuart has ever come up with.

I don't use eyeshadows much, so I'm glad this year's coffret didn't come with a palette. Rather, a blush I could use every day, exquisitely designed and packaged items and the beautiful feathery lashes made it a must-get for me.

The beautiful box it came in, love the details of the design!

The gorgeous case/pouch it all came in. It's made of pink satin with black lace details and a black ribbon, and is really soft, but seems delicate so I wouldn't use it for heavy things. There's also a "J" charm at the top.

Open it to reveal a zip compartment and a drawstring compartment. Just touching this thing gives a very luxurious feel!

Jewel of the collection, Blush Blossom in 101 Sensual Dahlia. The packaging is gorgeous, with all the bow and filigree border designs. And the black lace on the cover gives an extra edge to the normally sweet and girly Jill Stuart packaging.

There's a plastic lid covering the powder, you could fit a puff on top if you like to apply loose blushes with a puff I guess. The lid makes it hygienic. It also minimizes any possible powder spills due to it getting moved around in your bag when you walk?

On the left is the shimmer tint, a pearly light color which gives a glowy look, and on the right is the blush glow, a matte color. For me the color is very usable even for an everyday blush, for the colors are soft enough and not too loud. Just remember to apply with a light hand.

There's another clear plastic sheet, on top of a sift which rests snugly above the wells containing the product. The sift prevents mixing of the powders. I like keeping the clear plastic sheet so that powder won't get onto the white lid, and it'll further prevent any powder spilling out. This contains 5g of product like all the other Blush Blossoms.

Left to right: shimmer tint, blush glow, JS Mix Compact Blush in 01 Baby Blush (the mixed color after I re-compacted it.) So, it's definitely very wearable.

The brush that comes differs from the regular brushes in that it is not made of goat's hair, but rather a synthetic material that's tinted pink! It's really soft, though I haven't tried using it to apply the blush yet. And instead of the ribbon charm the other Blush Blossom brushes have, the one in this collection has a "J" charm. And the rhinestone isn't pink, but a crystal with AB (Aurora Borealis) coating. It appears as different colors at different angles.

The other jewel in the collection! I adore false lashes, and seeing this pair in the promo pictures just made me go to dreamland. I imagine angels wearing them when I see this pair; soft and fluttery, feathery lashes, matching their white feathered wings. I don't know, this pair just evokes a soft ethereal feel to me

Without the plastic cover. The lashes look really dreamy, I'm scared of getting glue on the feathers because that might mess it all up. Really need to take extra care when handling these lashes if you want them to last and remain fluttery

The mini Jelly Lip Gloss in 102 Silky Pink. I really like the extra lace design! It contains 10ml of product.

Put side by with the colors from the Petite Jelly Lip Gloss Trio, it really seems as though Silky Pink is a cross between Pretty Tutu and Sweet Perfume no?

Love the rhinestones on the caps! The one for Silky Pink is also AB coated as with the stone on the blush brush.

Swatches. Pardon the focus! Pretty Tutu, Silky Pink, Sweet Perfume, Cherry Whip. Doesn't Silky Pink look like a mix of Pretty Tutu and Sweet Perfume? The color and the shimmer!

Jelly Eye Color N in 104 Satin Lingerie. This contains 6g of product. My camera's not focusing today, but the black filigree design on the lid is pretty

104 Satin Lingerie is a pearly frosted pink full of shimmer.

It really sparkles under the light and doesn't budge once it dries. No sparkle fallout = hurray!

Last but certainly not least, the Night Jewel Perfumed Body Powder. This comes in a puff form, I do not know how many applications it'll last, but it smells wonderful!

I have the Jill Stuart EDT, got it 2 years ago because of the packaging, didn't use it much as it's too sweet and cloying coupled with the humidity of Singapore's weather. But Night Jewel is a more sensual scent. It's not overly sweet; it's more floral and just smells like a fairytale. A very pretty feminine scent you won't get sick of.

I've been wanting to get a bottle but now there're all the bans on posting perfume/flammable products so can't order it :( Gotta wait till I go to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan or Korea :(

The back of the box which lists the ingredients and product information.

The free samples the seller gave me: Smooth Silk Powder Foundation in 101 Linen, Pure Lasting Makeup Base N in 02 Luminous, Berry Scrub and Body Milk.

The powder foundation has a smooth, soft finish, it really gives your skin a soft glow! Quite effective in covering most redness as well, at least for me. The finish is natural and really has a soft, baby skin look. The makeup base is a tad sticky at first, but after it settles it's smooth, semi-matte and gives a pinky glow.

I also managed to order the Dreamy Garden palettes (102 Amazonite Dazzle and 103 Sparkling Morganite). Those are arriving soon, can't wait!


  1. *_* Jill Stuart cosmetics are always so gorgeous *_*
    Heard these sold out in a flash, where'd you get yours?
    Your camera is prettyyyyy! Could you do a closeup of it?

  2. @ Anonymous ♥

    Yepp, they are gorgeous! I got mine online from BringblingJP, happened to have one set left and I got it just in time! :D A very nice seller, replies emails quickly and packs items well (: However I think you can still get it from bobodave?

    I'll try to take a picture of my camera first!

    ♥ Kris

  3. Love the eyelashes >.< where can i get them???

    1. @♥AdoreBelleRose♥
      As mentioned in the post, the lashes were part of the limited edition 2010 holiday coffret set; they're not sold separately... >< Jill Stuart stores probably do not carry the set anymore (it was sold from end-2010). Maybe you could try your luck on ebay or something?

      ♥ Karisa