Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jill Stuart Secret Tease Lashes ♥

Got these lashes in the Jill Stuart Secret Tease Holiday 2010 Collection, and tried them on to see how they looked. Looking at them, these lashes just gave me a dreamy, floaty vibe, and they really are just that!

I'd say they look their best when you close your eyes; long, soft and fluttery; very dream-like ♥♥

These lashes are very long, with the longest portion being the middle. Both ends are equal length so there's no "right" lash or "left" lash, either can be used on either eye.

View from below, they're really really long. They don't have much curl at all, the base is the typical criss-cross type, with feathers in addition. The longest bits are feather bits.

I think they don't look really nice on me on the front view, (blame my eye shape) and because the lashes aren't curled; they're super long so they just stick straight out.

I really like the top closed-eye view though! Even though they're dense, there's still a soft dreamy look because of the feathers.

From the front it looks somewhat static-y and all over the place because of the long feathers here and there, but unlike dramatic plastic lashes these don't look as harsh, and give a soft look nonetheless.

Overall, I looove these lashes, though don't think I can wear them for anything other than special occasions^^ They really are very long, and the feathers might go out of shape if treated roughly/mishandled. (I'm worried about preserving them!) I wish they'd have more curl though! I really love the effect of the feather, it's very pretty and the soft dreamy look is what I imagined it to be~


  1. These seem super thick but looks uber soft and feminine~ not harsh or uber dramatic at all! As expected from JS =]

  2. They look pretty in the box and from the top/ closed-eye view, but they look a bit odd when worn...The strands are too straight and stick out oddly! I think they'll most likely go well with very dramatic eye makeup!

  3. love them >.< I would probably buy two pair and cut one of the pairs in hald and use as end lashes!! where can I get them ??

    1. @♥AdoreBelleRose♥
      As mentioned in the post, the lashes were part of the limited edition 2010 holiday coffret set; they're not sold separately... >< Jill Stuart stores probably do not carry the set anymore (it was sold from end-2010). Maybe you could try your luck on ebay or something?

      ♥ Karisa