Tuesday, November 13, 2012

MARBLE Collection 2012 in Singapore

MARBLE Collection is a fashion entertainment event showcasing the kawaii fashion cultures of Harajuku, Akihabara and Shibuya. Last year it was held in Shibuya, and this year it came to Singapore on 11th November at the Max Pavillion, and was part of AFA 2012! ♥ (Posts on AFA 2011 herehere and here) Needless to say, it was amazing! 

This year's lineup of models featured Pikarin (Shiina Hikari, 椎名ひかり) and Natsuko (松本なつこ) from Popteen; Akipoyo (Ishikawa Akiko, 石川晶子) and Chinpan (Koike Mayu, 小池真友) from Ranzuki; Una, Seto Ayumi (瀬戸あゆみ), Yano Anna (やのあんな) and Yura (ゆら) from Zipper; and Tenchim (てんちむ).

The promotion/opening video.

Evangelion segment!
Didn't get to catch much of this segment on camera though (・x・)

But I got and loved the Shibuya segment, it was so colorful and cute!

Kawaii deshou?
Shibuya team: Akipoyo, Natsuko, Pikarin, Tenchim, Chinpan.

Felt like a noob seiza-ing (kneeling Japanese-style) by the stage with my bling camera while the pro photographers had their huge lens (^^)

Performance by Love La Doll
They performed two songs, Luka Luka Night Fever and Honey Bee.
Their dances are really kawaii! (♥´౪`♥)
Found their dance tutorial for Honey Bee. (Looks like they're dancing in a salon...interesting ha!)

With the three girls of Love La Doll: Lee (purple), Aya (pink) and Kana (blue).
They also modeled for the Candy Girl segment later.

First part of the Harajuku segment.


Seto Ayumi 

The gothic/lolita segment; such pretty and intricate outfits!
They look like dolls ✿


Yura and Yano Anna.

Candy Girl segment,
based on characters created by Amano Yoshitaka (天野喜孝), illustrator for Final Fantasy.

Everyone coming out as the show ended.

 Pikarin ♡
She's so tiny and adorable! Felt like a giant next to her (^^)


Peace from Kana of Love La Doll~

Ginyu Force (ギニュー特選隊), an otagei dance group.

 Otagei (オタ芸) refers to the cheering and dancing gestures done by fans of idols singers/groups, which usually involve arm-waving, jumping and clapping. They actually opened the show with their performance, but I didn't get good pictures then. These are clearer!

She was acting in the skit for the show, along with the guys from Ginyu Force. The entire event was actually telling a story of sorts, with skits in between the catwalk and performance segments, which made it quite interesting!

 Waving goodbye as the show ended.

Natsuko and Chinpan ♡ They're such lovely girls!
Randomly received milk candies from them  ε(๑^ᴗ^๑)з

Caught a pose with Ginyu Force as they were walking out.

The models, Love La Doll, Ginyu Force and Kikki (guy in the sparkly suit)

All the models, performers, dancers and the producer doing a heart pose ♡

The show was partly sponsored by Prisila (the wig brand), and they had a booth at AFA2012. Though they weren't selling the regular line of wigs, but instead wigs for cosplay as AFA is an anime event after all, there were still a few "normal" looking ones. By normal I mean not blue/green/pink/orange (^^). And there was 15% off for people who went to the fashion show! 

Bought a short wig from Prisila! 
Sadly they ran out of the long one in this color, so I got the short one (^^) 

Couldn't resist the urge to buy nekomimi (cat's ears) and the cat's paw as well, there were so many booths selling them at AFA! There were also lots of booths selling swords, anime merchandise, figurines and etc. Anyway, I haven't had short hair in ages!

Tried the nekomimi with one of the long wigs I have. The material of the cosplay wigs and the regular wigs are different, the cosplay ones feel more plasticky? And they're not heat resistant so no curling/straightening irons! Nyan! Post on AFA 2012 coming soon! ☆


  1. Omg Tenchim and Shiina Hikari came to Singapore?!! And the Zipper models...can't believe I missed this =[ Event looks awesome