Friday, November 25, 2011

AFA 2011 - One Piece Galore ☆

A long overdue post! Part 1 (overview) here and part 2 (cosplay) here.

Huuuuge Chopper figure!
Sadly it wasn't for sale.
But even if it were I wouldn't buy it cos it's neither soft nor cuddly!

Mini models of the ships Thousand Sunny and Going Merry!

A card game, ARcardass, was being launched at AFA 2011.

Chozoukei Damashii figures.
Mugiwara pirates on the right and Whitebeard pirates on the left!

Chozoukei Damashii - Whitebeard pirates

Jozu, Marco, Whitebeard and Ace.

Ace, Vista and Little Oars.

Jozu, Marco and Whitebeard.

Chozoukei Damashii - Mugiwara pirates

Franky, Chopper, Robin, Brook, Nami and Usopp.

Nami, Usopp, Luffy, Sanji, Chopper and Zoro.

One Piece Figuarts Zero figures!

Sentoumaru, out 26th November.

Figuarts Zero - Bepo!

Figuarts Zero - Chopper, Shinsekai version!

Figuarts Zero - Chopper!
I think this version is loads cuter, especially his expression holding the mushroom!

Figuarts Zero - Jozu.

Latendo booth.

Banpresto Grandline Men, Grandline Ladies and Grandline Children.

Grandline Men Shanks, Zoro and Usopp (Shinsekai ver.)

Western Nami!

Western Nico Robin!

Grandline Ladies - Jewelry Bonney

Grandline Men - Gold Roger

Grandline Men - Yasopp

Grandline Men - Ace

Grandline Children - Sabo, Luffy, Ace and Boa Hancock

Chogokin Franky

Wanted Poster gashapon

Loads of One Piece Gashapon machines that day!

Halloween Chopper!
Sadly I just can't manage to get the purple one with negative hollows! :(

Half Age Characters!
Super cuuuute!
Like the name suggests, they're supposed to be of the characters at half of their current age.

Half Age Characters Vol. 2 - Chopper, Brook, Zoro and Boa Hancock.

Half Age Characters - Zoro and Boa Hancock

Half Age Characters - Chopper and Brook

Boa Hancock

Roronoa Zoro

Half Age Characters Vol. 1 - Luffy, Nico Robin, Ace and Usopp

Half Age Characters - Ace

World Collectable Figure (WCF)

Behind: WCF Vol. 19 - Skypeia
Front: WCF Vol. 20 - Foosha Town

WCF Vol. 21 - Foxy Pirates

WCF - Luffy and Going Merry!

More WCF figures!
Mostly Vol. 16 - Baroque Works and Vol. 17 - Whitebeard and Shank's pirates.

Perona's negative hollows and Cindry, from Vol. 2 - Thriller Bark

Top: Jozu, Lucky Roo, Yasopp, Ben Beckman (WCF Vol. 17)
Bottom: Miss Doublefinger, Mr 1, Crocodile, Marco

Franky, Luffy and Chopper from WCF Vol. 2 - Thriller Bark.

Jolly Rogers of Nami, Sanji, Robin and Usopp.
I really wanted the Zoro and Chopper ones, but couldn't find them!

Wanted Poster badges of Nami, Zoro and Chopper.
Wish I had gotten the rest!

The rest of the badges on display.

And I cannot resist anything Chopper!

One Piece paper bag that Muse was giving away with purchases of over $35.
Actually, I traded a Fairy Tail bag to get this because this was out of stock by the time I went to the store :( So I scoured the event halls for people carrying this who looked like they would be willing to trade ^^ Success! I think I have a hidden skill for spotting One Piece fans and non-One Piece fans :P

The back of the bag. It's really huge!

The Fairy Tail paper bag they were giving out after they ran out of One Piece ones.
...I went back to the store a second time, that's why I have both bags^^

The back of the bag.

Got the Chopper tote free from the Bandai booth.

The Bandai booth was giving out free One Piece totes with purchases over $50.
The other design was blue I think?

A4 files!

Got a Chopper mug!

The bottom of the mug!

It's clear with pink (Chopper color!) details

Figuarts Zero figures I have at home, before I cut up the boxes and threw them:
Shinsekai versions od Franky, Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Sanji, Brook.
Portgas D. Ace, Marco, Dracule Mihawk, Trafalgar Law.

The 4 new figures I came back with:
Shanks, Marshall D. Teach, Shinsekai Nami and Shinsekai Usopp.

I've since cut up all the boxes, they take up too much space, but the panels are too pretty to throw away!


  1. Haha, so many one piece stuff! All so cute too! I really like one piece!

  2. @Nana ♥
    Hurray, a fellow OP fan~ :D

    ♥ Karisa

  3. wow sure i like a lot all about onepiece..
    where's to buy this one??