Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AFA 2011 - Cosplay

There were lots and lots of people cosplaying at the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2011, but I didn't take that many pictures for a variety of reasons: Fighting with the crowds of guys armed with DSLRs forming a human wall; the overcrowdedness; no idea who the people were cosplaying as; and the cosplayers themselves never held their poses/formations for long anyway. So, the ones I mostly took/tried to take were of characters from my beloved One Piece~ ♡

Kaname ☆ cosplaying as Sanji and Usagi as Nami.
Both Shinsekai versions.
This totally made my day~ ♡

Kaname sure makes a convincing Sanji!
I can't tell whether the goatee's real or a stick on though...
But best One Piece cosplayers of the day hands down!

Shinsekai Nami and Sanji figures for comparison.

Anyway, the first ones I actually saw were this group.
Saw them right when I entered: Zoro, Luffy and Boa Hancock. Her hair is real!

Then spotted a (scrawny) Shinsekai Zoro, Shinsekai Luffy and Mr. 3.
Am awed by Mr 3's hair knot thing...like how he got it to stay in place!
Must be his Doru-Doru powers! :O

Shinsekai Zoro and Shinsekai Luffy found themselves a Shinsekai Sanji.

The group finding the rest of the One Piece cosplayers:
Red-haired Shanks and Jewelry Bonney (long pink hair)!
But for some reason this Shanks has both arms intact...

4/7 of the Shichibukai!
Donquixote Doflamingo, Dracule Mihawk, Bartholomew Kuma and Crocodile!

Perona with a horohoro!
Missing the umbrella and Kumashi though!

Old version Nami, with climatact!

Rozen Maiden dolls! (and two random guys)

Saw them again by the One Piece area, the Sabaody Archipelago background.
I think the girl in green is pretty!

Girl sitting on floor.

Girls posing.

And those were all the pictures I took of the cosplayers...Kind of sad I didn't spot any Fairy Tail or Hakuouki cosplayers though, or other Mugiwara pirates like Usopp, Nico Robin and Franky. Would've been nice to see an Ace or Marco too! But really glad to have seen an awesome Sanji and Nami! ♡


  1. The Nami and Sanji cosplayers look really good! =O You're so lucky you saw so many OP cospalyers. The Rozen dolls have such pretty costumes! I wonder if they made or bought them?

  2. *_* wow! I love cosplay!! Sanji and Nami looks so real omg! Hehehe that's'a pity that there is no Chopper hehehehe <3 i love Chopper.

  3. Omg really envy ..
    I h0pe i can come to afa but not T_T
    Sanji cosplayer look so real

  4. My friend participated in that event also!!

    It's such a cool event.

  5. @Julie ♥
    Yepp they looked great~ Hahaha, I was on the lookout for One Piece cosplayers mostly, had my camera waiting, even if it was just to take quick, blurry paparazzi shots >< The Rozen doll girls' costumes really caught my eye. But I'm clueless at differentiating handmade from store-bought :P

    @Isa ♥
    Sanji and Nami were great! Ooh, Chopper hats were being sold (at $39 a piece) so I saw a lot of people wearing those. There was also a dude wearing the Chopper hat and a mask which I think was meant to be the "human" Chopper ^^

    @♡ Miharu ♡
    Come next year or the following year! Kaname really did pull off a convincing Sanji huh? :P

    @Sana ♥
    Ooh, was your friend cosplaying too? Yeah the event was awesome! Albeit rather crowded, but awesome nonetheless~ :D

    ♥ Karisa