Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wigs ☆

Up until a few years ago, I though that wigs/hair pieces were just for cosplayers, balding people or Halloween/stage costumes. Any normal person wouldn't have the need to get one. But now, with the advent of technology to produce more realistic-looking strands of hair, you'll realize that wigs are great if you want to change your hairstyle for a day, or if you want to see what you'd look like with a certain length/color/style of hair~ ☆ People love variety!

I've gotten a couple of wigs quite a while ago, but rarely do I use them or actually go out in them. While they do look nice, (loads better than my real hair!), they're a tad troublesome to put on and maintenance is cumbersome^^ Even more so as the ones I've got are long wigs! Perhaps short wigs are more convenient, but I wouldn't know that yet!

Long, curly, blonde full wig.
I love the curls, I often wish my own hair could be curly!

The wig itself.

Back view.

Flat on the bed.

Long, straight, blonde full wig.
Same color as the curly one.
The fringe was a tad too long, so I trimmed it...

With Chopper!
I really like this wig

It's really veeeery long.
The cumbersome thing is that going out, when the wind blows the long strands can get tangled.
Things like rings can get caught when you try to tuck hair behind your ear etc.

Hence, when storing wigs it's wise to wrap them in a net to prevent tangling. But things can still catch onto the net, so it would be wise to put it in a bag/plastic to further protect it.

Long, straight, ash-brown full wig.
Same as the blonde one earlier but in a different color.
I really love the color of this!
And I really love this wig as well.

The back view. It's really long, almost butt-length.

Love the streaks on the side~

The wig itself.

Straight, reddish-brown ponytail wig.

You tie your real hair into a ponytail, then wrap/tie the wig around it.

The wig should cover your real ponytail, which is hidden under/inside.

Curly, red-brown ponytail wig.
Same color as the straight ponytail wig earlier.

This is a half-wig.
It starts from the middle of the top of your head and doesn't have a fringe.
The texture of the hair strands is really fake-looking...
Plus this doesn't match my hair color.
So, I have no idea how to use this as it's weird :/

Semi-long, red-toned brown, curly half-wig.

Reddish-brown, straight, fringe wig.

Bun wig.

Close up of the bun wig.

All the various wiggy stuff I have.
Other than the full wigs, the rest are from Gmarket.
And I have to say that the quality of the Gmarket ones are not good.
I would not recommend them.
Also, the color variety is limited, mostly black or dark reddish-brown.

You should use a wig brush to brush your wigs, as plastic bristles can cause static and may end up making the strands tangled and messier. Wig brushed have metal bristles to prevent static. Do not use on real hair as you might end up scraping your scalp with the sharp metal bristles!

Wearing a wig cap under your wig can help make a better fit, so that your real hair doesn't get in the way of donning the wig. It also helps to "flatten" your real hair so that the lump under the wig won't be so large and noticeable, especially for people with long, thick hair ^^

The blue thing is a wig stand. I use it while combing the wig so that there's a "head shape" under the hair...I can't actually leave any of my wigs on them as they're tooooo long!

Wigs are great if you want to change your hairstyle for a day, or if you want to see what you'd look like with a certain length/color/style of hair~ ☆ But for me, because my real hair is long and rather thick, donning wigs heats up my scalp as having all that real hair sucked under the wig traps a lot of hot air, and I can't bear it for too long in Singapore's horribly hot and humid weather^^ But I have worn them during spring in Japan, and thanks to the weather the experience was a lot more bearable :D


  1. I really like the blonde coloured hair on you. These wigs seem to look very natural from your pictures. But I can imagine that wearing it everyday would be very tiresome with long hair and humid weather.

  2. wow,you got lots of wigs,I only have 1 wig for gyaru style,others were for cosplaying that I can't really wear them in daily life.

  3. Wow loads of wigs :D your shot with no fake eyelashes look really cute, so innocent looking :) Fake lashes are a pain for me since one side of my lashes point upwards and the other eye point downwards, so most soft lash band that follow the shape of your eye just emphasis the unevenness more.

    I have one wig which is long and luscious with a centre parting. I was sweating wearing it on in my room! It made my scalp so hot... My conclusion is that I can only carry a centre parting look if I put makeup and falsies or otherwise I just look like a man D:

  4. @Katherine Tealeaf ♥
    I love the color of the blonde wig, but it's kind of weird to wear it around where I live :( There are shorter versions available, but they cost as much as the long ones, so I'm not really planning to try anymore at the moment^^ But I'd imagine they'd be slightly easier to wear, though still heaty to the scalp! ><

    @Sana ♥
    To be honest I only got the Gmarket ones cos they were cheap and it was my first time trying wig products^^ The full ones are kind of too long for everyday wear (gets caught in all sorts of situations - shoulder bag, rings, earrings...)

    @tabby ♥
    My real lashes actually point downward, but no matter what I do (mascara, lash curlers, heated curlers), they never point upwards so I kinda gave up trying. Thankfully fake lashes point up for me. Though up close you can see my real lashes pointing downwards, no one's really going to notice unless theh scrutinize your face up close, and normal people wouldn't do that right? :D

    My wigs have no parting, everything comes from a "cowlick" in the center, so I don't really like wearing them out unless I've got something covering it, otherwise if people look from the top of my head it'd be weird^^

    ♥ Karisa

  5. Woaa, so many wings !
    I like the blond one (with chopper as you said) and it also fit you really well !

    Merry christmas

  6. blond coloured is the best, you have a super cool blog:)

  7. @Cerize ♥
    Ehehehe I regret getting the Gmarket ones. I really like that one! Merry super belated Christmas/New Year! :D

    @Masha Kapatasha ♥
    Thanks! :)

    ♥ Karisa